Adventures with The Bad Barber

Unfortunately, I missed a day on my A-Z post schedule, inspiration provided by Arlee Bird. (I’m #327 on the list!) So, today’s post is brought to you by the letter B! (Whereas it should be C…silly me!).

I’m going to share a personal little story today. I am not, like a previous post states falsely, going to Azerbaijan, nor am I a banker…

Photo © Ari Magg

But I do have something in common with the above banker.

Last night, while relaxing, I grabbed a strand of hair on my forehead pulled it down, and realized how long it actually was. (I don’t like getting haircuts!) Well, it had been bothering me, but it did not bother me before as much as it did tonight. So, rather than wait for my next haircut appointment (whenever THAT was going to be!), I went for…yes…the scissors!!!

How hard could it be, really? You grow hair, it comes out of your forehead, you take a pair of scissors, and SNIP!!! it’s gone, and down to size!

I stood in the mirror, pulled the strand of hair down, and took the plunge.


Well, I was able to get a few laughs from it. Now, I didn’t comb my wet hair this morning, and my now-straight-as-nails bangs have dried in a crazy sort of wave. It’s looking like, after tragedy has struck, it just may be doable.

Okay, so the resemblance I have with the banker that I mentioned…See the guy in the picture above? That’s kinda what my hair looks like now. 😦

If you’re clever enough, and know how to laugh, you too may be able pull yourself out of epic failure!!!


11 thoughts on “Adventures with The Bad Barber

  1. Oh, reminds me of the time my mom tried to cut my hair. She figured it would be less messy outside. While she was cutting, a gust of wind came and… snip! The line that should have been straight went diagonal. Hard to hide that when your hair’s straight. She took me to the hair dresser after, and the lady promptly told her “never cut this girl’s hair again.” LOL

    Sounds like it’s time for you to get a proper haircut. hehe.

  2. Oh no!

    Well, the more you practice, the better you get at it! Though, suffer enough humiliation at epic fails and watch how quickly you master cutting your own hair, lol. (I think I learned pretty quickly.) Besides, it is cheaper.

    Still, it’s nice to have the pros do it every now and then.

    • You know, you just inspired me to learn to start cutting my own hair. 🙂

      Although I MAY have a pro cut it before, say, going to Will & Kate’s England wedding, or the like. 😉

  3. I used to cut my bangs on my own… but for 2 years I haven’t touched it because I plan on attending a medieval dinner in a medieval dress, and they didn’t have bangles in the Middle Ages, but long braids (I will have to add extensions)… after which, I’ll probably cut it all and get back to a look more like my avatar! 😉

    • Ech, that stinks. 😦 Unfortunately, it’d look pretty silly for a guy to have bobby pins…but it’s been behaving thus far. Looks pretty good today, actually.

      Welcome to House of Happy! How’d you find me, by the way?

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