On C, D, E & F

Wow, am I behind on my A-Z schedule!!! :-0 So far, I have covered a trip to Azerbaijan as well as being as bad a barber as I am a poet. Today I have quite a bit of catching-up to do, so I’m going to attempt to hack at the letters C, D, E, and F. Or, C, D, E & F. Either way. So…yah. Awkward…

Let’s think about this for a second. A nice illustration for my post, yes. We all love sesame street, right? (Well, most of us at least…or some of us…so, yah…awkward…) Analyze what’s going on though.

Cookie Monster says all kinds of things about cookies, but does he ONCE use the letter C’s real sound? Well how could he? C doesn’t have its own sound!!!

Hard C – Sounds like K.
Soft C – Sounds like S.
“Ch” C – Can be argued that this is C’s sound, but it is usually accompanied by an H.

So, C can sound like a K, and it can sound like an S. But when it comes right down to it, in the English language, C is near useless, except for the cases where we combine it with H to make the “Ch” sound. And in that case, the H only acts as a walking cane. So let’s rethink it.


In the words of Prairie Dawn: “Crummy.”

Don’t Drive!
It doesn’t do to drive,
It’s far too dastardly stressful,
Dear readers, it is far too much to
Think about, (We’re disturbed enough already!!!)
Please don’t drive, darlings!
If no-one drove,
We’d have no
Accidents or dented traffic jams.
We wouldn’t hear the car door slam
When the neighbors came home at 1 AM.
If no-one drove, then no-one would
Be driven crazy,
The world would break out
Into rainbows
And be flowerful…

I scratch my head and think a thought…
Well, perhaps forgoing driving
Would never be that powerful.

Hey, I told you all. I’m a bad poet. What can I do.


E & F

Elane and Fred went for a walk one sunny afternoon. Elane eagerly engaged Fred in an entertaining entrapment of a conversation. Fred simply walked on, frazzled his hair absent-mindedly, and fiddled with his fleece vest. Elane felt estranged, and embarked on a discussion of economics, in hopes of entangling Fred back into entertaining some thoughts. Fred simply said, “Foreign investors found that fifty-five percent of the forgone financiers facilitated faulty finances.” And with that, he forewent any more of Elane’s fantasies of conversation.

Cabit Did Escape Failing!!!

In other words: I won. 🙂 A-Z Challenge, take that!!!


28 thoughts on “On C, D, E & F

  1. You coulda did the rest of the alphabet, as well, and been all done! 😛

    When I first saw the title of this post I thought you were going to talk about musical notes…heh.

  2. I am very impressed with your “D” poem. =) You should write poems for the rest of the letters of the alphabet! =)

      • I heart hyphen. It is an under-appreciated form of punctuation. 😀

        And yeah… ker-what… 😉

        I hadn’t noticed the A-Z challenge, so at first it seemed like the alphabetic posts were… arbitrarily alphabetic, so I was curious what prompted you to do that.

      • Didn’t I just say… it stands for “Alliteration”. 😉

        (No, really, it stands for Andrew.)

        But seriously, I do have a thing for alliteration. I don’t know why, but if there’s two ways to say or write something, and one of them is alliterative, I’ll always pick the alliterative. It’s not even a conscious decision, it just happens that way.

      • I hear ya…I too am obsessed with it. In fact, the P in J. P. Cabit stands for “Plliteration.” In my Grand Novel, 8 chapters out of 22 were Alliterative. (Unless you want to count the one-word title of 22 as alliterative…does it count?)

      • I think alliteration is just one of those things, ya know? I find myself having to change stuff because it turns out like, “Something super soft and squishy…” Bah! Erase, erase, erase. (That was just a random example. I don’t know why I’d ever write about something that’s super soft and squishy.)

  3. Welcome to the A-Z Challenge! Don’t feel bad about falling behind a few letters here and there. Some people who signed up are still (hopefully) working on their letter “A” posts. It’s a pleasure to meet you!

    • *gasp* aw that’s SO cool! What are the odds that you would have a jade plant too, AND that you would name them!!! 🙂 Do they have their own personalities/character traits?

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