4 More: G H I J

So I haven’t been blogging because I’m in Hawai’i sipping lemonade out of a coconut (ew), and staring volcanoes and palm trees, and just don’t feel like blogging lately.

^ Gang, here I jest!!!

In truth: Got some housework to catch up on. Been working and attending school. Have a project that needs to get done. Got a book at the library that needs to be read. Oh, and a blog that’s desperately crying out for my attention. And no…

Getting help isn’t justifiable!!

So, I’m popping in quickly to write this post…Please, nobody get angry at me for not visiting your blogs…I should have some free time on my hands soon, as stated on Twitter. But for now, I must…

Google “Hillbillies” in Japanese,

Grow houseplants in jars,

Give Henry Indian Jelly,

And most importantly,

Get hauling…Impending June!!!

Oh wait…May comes after April. Fail.


8 thoughts on “4 More: G H I J

  1. Clever clever you! This took me a minute (mostly because I have had -shockingly- NO coffee today) but when I got it I laughed (not out loud, but I really did laugh!) If you’re going to skip days of the challenge, THIS, folks, is how to do it. 😀

  2. Do Japanese have hillbillies? Just curious…

    Looks like you’re having fun with the a-z challenge. Combining letters is one way to get through the challenge 🙂

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