Stop That!!!

Last night, I got sick of my vocabulary. So, I compiled a “Stop [Saying] That!” list. It’s actually simply a taboo list, but if I call it a “Stop [Saying] That!” list, it will fit the criteria for my A-Z challenge. 🙂

So, what is this list?

Well, I noticed how much I am saying things—such as, Awesome, Fail, Seriously—and I really wanted a change of pace. So the logical thing to do would be sit down with someone and to build, that’s right, a list of taboos.

And so it looks something like this…

Are you serious?
Who does that?
Oh yummy!
“The most…in the world”
“About a million of…”
“About a thousand of…”
“That’s the most…you could do!”
“That’s obnoxious.”
Does this list look familiar to anyone? Maybe yes? Maybe no? And yes, I really do say these things. Yes, I spell out “LOL,” and “IKR.” (Which if you’re interested, simply means, “I know, right?”) Yes, I pronounce “Lawl.”So how did it go? Well, it’s maybe a little less than 24 hours later, and I’m sick of the list already. Sometimes, it just seems like it’s the right word to say. What would you call a tuna fish sandwich on top of a bus, if not simply “Random?” Perhaps, “Unexpected?” Maybe.

I guess the lesson of the day would be: Don’t say what you don’t mean. If you are getting sick of your words, then sure swap them out for a while. But don’t get religious about it…

But really, why call a soggy hat on the ground, “Awesome?”

Is a silence between friends really all that “Awkward?”

Is “LOL” really the right thing to say after a lame joke when nobody is smiling?


P.S. Needless to say, my list kind of failed…

P.S.2. After some rigorous exercise lately, enjoying the splendid weather, I’m sore. Throroughly.


2 thoughts on “Stop That!!!

  1. I know I have some favorite phrases, but if I start nit-picking, I’ll become too obsessive about it and may never write or speak again. Those around me may like that, so that is why I can’t go there 🙂

    Okay, here’s two that I say a lot, but no more!


    • Ha ha ha! 🙂 The obsessive nit-picker type. I’m more non-nit-picky, perhaps that’s why my awesome list epically failed. 😉

      I’m a victim of the “Really” too. Is it a “Oh, is that so?” kind of Really, or a “Seriously?” kind of Really. (For instance, if you get cut off on the road by a police cruiser. “Really?!”)

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