Undiscovered Beauty

A can of mandarin oranges.

That’s all I wanted to buy, really. Just a simple breakfast before I started the work day. Well, what do you do with an empty mandarin orange tin can?

I don’t have dreadlocks, I don’t wear hemp bracelets, and the word “Vegetarian” does not describe me. (And I realize this is a stereotype, but sometimes exaggerations are helpful in illustrations, so please don’t leave me nasty comments!) However, I have been on a bit of a “Green” kick lately. To call something “Green” is sort of on my list of pet peeves. It seems corny to me. But for the sake of this post, I’m going to describe myself as having gone a bit green lately. (And I know this is off-track, but since when was a hybrid car “Green?” Is it made of recycled metals? Is it biodegradable? Can I drive one forever?)

So, I take my salvaged mandarin orange can, and peel the label off, thinking maybe I’ll get around to recycle it. After I wash it off, it looks like this…

Oooh, shiny!!!

Wow. So I went on a tirade at some people standing nearby. People throw these away every day! Can you imagine?!

I’m not judging your recycling habits. And I’m certainly not jumping on the “I can’t live in the same city as you if you don’t recycle paper!” bandwagon. I’m just a normal person…well, actually I’m an eccentric (and having gotten more eccentric as the months go by), but I just wanted to save this tin can, and use it for something.

Something, something…what can I do with it?…ahA!!!


11 thoughts on “Undiscovered Beauty

  1. I’m erked by the word green too. Well, when it’s used to describe basic good choices and earth-friendly habits. We should never have gotten to the point where doing the right thing for our health or the earth’s health is seen as anything other than normal. Hm, you got me going on this – suddenly I’m ranting. Sorry.

    LOVE the purpose you found for the tin. That’s really styley! 😀

    (Also, I never got around to telling you – but I meant to – that I really got a kick out of your tabooed word list. That was epic. ha! I’ve been referring to it for days now. Spot on!)

    • Yay, someone else can’t stand the greenie movement!!! 🙂

      Thanks, but I’m not so sure Gersh is thriving in his tin can…I might have to repot him in something a little spacier…

      I like it when my efforts stretch out beyond the blogosphere into normal life! Thanks for telling me about it! 🙂

      • Yeah! I know what you mean? Getting us to reference you to those who aren’t a part of this blogging exchange – that’s a cool form of success! 😀 I aim for that and other great things, (like the stars and stuff.)

        You gonna be getting a school break this summer? I’m impressed that you blog AND study – school ain’t easy!

  2. When I saw the title to this post I thought, “Oh, how sweet! J.P. is writing a post about me!” Little did I know that you were referroing to a “tin can.”

    (Actually, this was a wonderful and truly well-written post! Congrats to Planty’s friend for the new digs! Reduce, reuse, repurpose, recycle! BTW, I’ve been sending you some traffic lately – has anyone dropped in to “check you out?” We’ve got to get cracking on some more BP. I like the idea of the format you’ve given the site, but I find it sort of hard to navigate and know to what you are posting or responding – it seems kind of muddled. Actually, the old theme was fine, except it didn’t allow for graphics, and the colors were sort of hard to read.

    If I were you, though, i would pay very little attention to what I am saying/writing right now. I am working on about 6 hours of sleep total over the past 4 nights! I am rapidly sliding down a steep descent into neural oblivion. . .)

    • PTC, you know
      That I’d rather write about a tin can
      Than write about a tin man,
      Which you’re not,
      (That’d be embarrassin’)
      So don’t give a thought
      To that ridiculous comparison!

      And you’re right, we really must get some more BP going on EIB, if we want it to survive, but we really do need more authors. Can you use your awesome web-guru powers (10,000 hits in 7 months is really something!!!) to pull together some bad poets from across the internet? Pleeeeze? And also, I don’t have all the time in the world for blogging these days.

  3. It reminds me of what my mum and grandma used to do. They often used unused cans for pots, then painted on them sometimes
    Looks so nice though!

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