A-U (Dear Z: Adieu!!!)

A-Z I tried to do,
But all I managed was to go
Through U.

A-U is spiffy too though,
What with school, though
Studies may suffer,
Though grades may suffer,
So long as I make it,
I can be tougher,
I know I can take it!

But maybe I couldn’t,
I just couldn’t make it,
I stalled out on U,
To give to my school,
As a general rule,
Put the cart after the mule.

Now my rhyming is doggie drool.

I’ll never reach Z.
But that’s okay by Me…
Cause in my book, if I stopped
At A, on April 1st,
And I got an A in school,
That’d be cool,
Cause an F is the worst!

(Like this poem.)


4 thoughts on “A-U (Dear Z: Adieu!!!)

  1. I think this poem makes up for not making it all the way! It’s been quite a long time since I’ve read an up-beat poem that rhymed. You’ve used a few comparisons that I would have never thought of; it’s cute!

    • Thanks for stopping by Ava! And for the compliment about the poem. At first when you said “Up-beat poem,” I read “Beat-up poem!” Either way fits, ha ha, and either way I’m too tired πŸ˜€

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