A True Obsession

It’s grown into a true obsession.

Can you see the tin cans stacked inside tin cans? And not to mention, I’ve still got another one waiting to be washed that’s not in this picture.

It’s a full fledged obsession.

That’s all.



10 thoughts on “A True Obsession

    • I don’t know what I’m going to do with them all…I’m thinking of developing a tin-can telephone with another house, or maybe buy more plants…Hmm, not sure, something fantastic though.

      Thanks. THe bottles are just another extension of my packrat OCD. I even crocheted a bottle-insulator years ago for the tall green one…

      • With a nice bottle collection especially, you could display them on glass shelves in front of a window… Would look really neat if you had different colored ones or filled them with something that had color! (This is my interior designer-side talking, haha.) Maybe a hydroponic set-up?

        I’m learning to grow herbs right now using hydroponics. My oregano and cilantro aren’t doing to so hot right now (might have planted the seeds too deep into the starter cubes), but my two basils and the dill are looking pretty healthy. Gotta convert them to larger containers this weekend sometime…

      • Hydroponics! You should do a post on that. What an interesting study…

        Basil is awesome, btw. Ever made a tomato/mayonnaise/basil sandwich with mozzarella? Awwww…sweet…

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