How To Summerize Your Life

Over my past one year of blogging, there are several posts which have attracted a fair amount of Google-query attention. Those are Ow! Charlie!, Why Do Movie Stars Wear Sunglasses?, and Six Words to Summarize My Life.

This last one got a Google-hit today, but “Summarize” was spelled wrong, and I got a random moment of inspiration.


For much of America, summer is finally here; The sun is shining, promising days on the lake, barbecues (or is that barbeques?), beaches, and tree-climbing. For other parts of America (Say…oh…Alaska?) summer may not be that iminent. However, if you’re living in Continental America, chances are you’re done with winter and on your way into life again. School is over (or getting near over), your social life picks up, and it is time, finally, to enjoy yourself. Here are six ways you can enjoy this year’s dance ’round the sunny side.

Doesn't he look nice and toasty? An example of how I recommend you don't dress.

1. Dress Summery. Clothing is a very important part of being human. In many ways, it is a part of us—Why else would Gucci, Dolce & Gabbanna, and Ralph Lauren be making so much money? Wear something light, enjoy the sun, don’t overheat.

Or maybe you want to overheat. If you’re living somewhere that winter = 4 months of freezing misery, then maybe you want to enjoy the tremendous heat of Summer. Wear long sleeves.* I dunno. Whatever “Suits” you I guess. 😀

2. Turn Off The Air Conditioner, & Open Your Windows. Now I know this sounds a little crazy, but it’s just a suggestion. I haven’t used my AC all year yet, and it’s been hot as anything here in my area. Why don’t I flip on the AC? Well, I wanted to enjoy the heat. Why pretend to enjoy summer, when I’m really isolating myself from the environment? I like tactile things, like old keyboards rather than touchscreen, and oldish button phones rather than sleek Androids or iPhones. For me, I guess, the sweltering heat is another way of keeping in touch with the “Real” world. I just don’t know how Planty and Gershwin are taking this un-air-conditioned weather. 😉

Technically, it's "Gelato." 😉 © Anna Fox, via Wikimedia.

3. Eat ice cream. Not much explanation needed here, except to explain that not much explanation is needed.

4. Touch Leaves. I know this sounds odd. But really. Try it next time you go for a walk.

5. Overload your Senses. Try to smell the world—the flowers, the grass, the trees (elm, pine, maple, oak, whatever!)…Look around you—Walk barefoot through dirt—We have five senses, after all! (Or is that seven?…) I’m not asking you to be a crazy person, I’m only suggesting that you don’t isolate yourself from the environment with air conditioners, luxury couches, and televisions. *smirk*

6. Enjoy Yourself!!! Now I know people are different, but like I’ve stated before, God made the 7th day dedicated for rest for a reason. Yes, you should work, but I would also suggest stepping out every now and then to enjoy this world. Sit down in the middle of the day for a cup of iced tea. Take a break in your housework, step outside onto the verandah (If any of you live in the Deep South where they still have those!!!) with your laptop and do some writing.

Have fun summerizing!!!

*Of course, be reasonable. There is no need for you to go out into the scorching heat in a leather jacket. Not only is it offensive to vegetarians, it is rather tempting for heatstroke, which is pretty ruthless, so don’t take your chances. I relinquish all responsibility for these words; House of Happy shall not be held liable—act at your own risk. 🙂


8 thoughts on “How To Summerize Your Life

  1. Clever twist on “summerize”. I’ll skip #2, thanks, but I try to do the rest.

    Funny story: when I lived in southern Cali years ago, I’d still be wearing layers or even sweaters well into June. I don’t do that anymore – except at work where they sometimes crank up the AC a little too much.

    • Ha ha, y’know, slip n’ slides are not my favorite! I am even known for disliking swimming—not because I don’t like water, I do—but more for the fact that it is “Inconvenient.” So I guess that slip n’ slides are an extension of my “phobia!”

  2. I’ll leave my AC running, but I’ll take you up on #3 and eat some chocolate ice cream 🙂

    Another suggestion for feeling the summer heat is to go hiking without water. Heatstroke is a great way to appreciate the power of sunshine. (Being sarcastic here…)

    P.S. I will leave my leather jacket at home so as not to offend the vegetarians!

    • Your sarcasm made me laugh. 😀

      Here here! I think I will join you…albeit maybe not chocolate. How about sherbet?There seems to be a small stash of that somewhere in this house …

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