Stepping into Writing Greatness

Hello Bloggers! Today you will not hear me ramble…Instead, I have solicited another blogger, E. J. Apostrophe, the H3roic Writ3r to write a post for me.

Most of the time, we read about people’s struggle through the difficult life of a writer. It can be difficult, and it can be rewarding, and it can be an all-in-all good time. But we must not lose sight of those simple beginnings, those days when we decided that we wanted to be writers.

E. J. brings us back to that time, sending us back to reevaluate our choices, reflect upon it, and look to the future of us and our notebooks…

© "Gphoto," Wikimedia Commons.

Do you like the idea of a county fair?

Who doesn’t?

The mesmerizing rides, the smells of funnel cakes, the screams of excitement from people.

This is just what we as a family needed after a particularly stressful day, plus my wife and I have a never ending quest to make our 4 year old daughter tired.

Although the sights of the fair are alluring, there is a process that a customer must go through in order to proceed: the entrance, the admission fee, and the reward.

You must not get these steps out of order.  They are there for a purpose.  Who made these rules?  I have no idea.  There is no changing of the order though.

How do these three rules apply to the writer’s life?  Let’s take a journey to the fair and find out, shall we?

The Entrance

This is the first step.  The launching point.  The starting gate.  You have to approach the gate in order to be let in.  You can choose to look at the others going in and enjoying the fair.  You can look on the outside of the fair to see others having fun.  You can imagine the fun the others are having as well.  Eventually you will need to decide that, you deserve and need to partake in this fun.

You will need to make the step to stand in line and participate.

Application:   You hope to be a writer.  You can wish to be a writer.  You can even try to mind meld your favorite author’s books to your noggin.  You will not officially be a writer until you make the decision that you are one and get in line with the millions of others who dare to take on this wonderful adventure.

You are the only one who can make the decision and only you can step in line to wait your turn to be a success.

The Admission

The admission.  This will either turn you away or have you excited.  A group of individuals have collaborated to find out and decide how much the admission will be.  They did a cost analysis to figure out what they needed in order to break even.  The admission was set and advertised for those to see.

You check the admission fee to see if you can afford the admission.  You rustle into your pockets.  Pull out your money sock.  Break open the piggie bank.  You count all of your resources to see if you have enough.  You cannot enter in without paying the fee.

Application: Now that you have gotten to the entrance and declare to the world that you are a writer, there is a price to pay.  This is where most writers will turn away.  They want instant success.  They are not willing to put in the sweat equity.

How do athletes achieve greatness?  They put in the sacrifice of time to become the very best.  If the sport is basketball, they may practice relentless on their jump shot.  If the sport is football, they may work on their quickness with parachute training.  If the sport is golf, they may work on their swing.

Most writers think that they can auto-magically become an overnight success.  They think they can copy the styles of Bill Myers,  Jerry B. Jenkins, Stephen King, J.R. Rowling, and others.

You must put in your hours.  You must work harder than any writer you know.  You must be willing to soak your writing with your tears.  You must be determined to be the very best you can be and then raise the bar even higher with goals that stretch you to be more and do more.

Only when you really decide to join the ranks of the great ones and pay the admission to get into their ranks can you truly call yourself a writer.

The Reward

Finally!  You have gotten your ticket and you have crossed into the fair!  The energy of the crowd, the amazing sounds of the rides, and the delicious healthy food (ahem)!  You now can enjoy the opportunity to be a kid again and you paid money to act like a fool!  Enjoy!

Application: You went ahead and got through the entrance.  You have paid the admission (even if this hurt you to do so).  Now, you will reap the rewards.  You will start to have doors open up to you.  Where you thought other writers were “lucky”, you will see God open doors for you because you were willing to put in the time and the work.

The reward may be having an article published by a major magazine, featured on a blog as a guest poster, called by an agent who wants to publish your work, etc.  The possibilities are endless.  All starts with you first going through the entrance, what are you waiting for?

The soul of the sluggard desireth, and hath nothing: but the soul of the diligent shall be made fat.

—Proverbs 13:4

For every promise, there is a price to pay.

—Jim Rohn


4 thoughts on “Stepping into Writing Greatness

  1. Great post (but I am a bit concerned that I’m craving a funnel cake at the mere mention of the county fair…)

    Anything worth accomplishing takes time and effort. I think it’s important to remember that even those we think are overnight “successes” often had years of struggle before their efforts finally paid off.

    P.S. love the Proverbs verse at the end of your post.

  2. Hi Janna,

    All glory to God alone! 🙂

    And yes, the funnel cakes were oh so good!

    Stay on task…okay, yes…anything worth having is worth fighting for. For every promise, there is a price to pay. – Jim Rohn

  3. I recently heard Dave Ramsey say he “worked his butt off for twenty years to be an ‘overnight success’!” Wise words from him and from EJ!

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