AN ANNOUNCEMENT: Internet Isolation

After some thinking, I have decided to isolate myself from the internet for a period of time.

Maybe a week. Maybe two.

I will avoid blogging, twitter, random spur-of-the-moment Google searches, and pointless YouTubing.

Gone will be the days of clicking through every link I see.

I will use my email, and maybe a couple relevant and important projects that require the WWW.

Check back in a week or so for some results.


11 thoughts on “AN ANNOUNCEMENT: Internet Isolation

  1. I have said that more than once! At least one time I followed through, the rest of the time, I broke the vow. So, Good luck!

    I’ll miss you and the bad poetry “thang.”
    Your news has given my heart a pang.
    Make sure that you come back to us,
    And I will quit being such a fuss
    That is, unless I can make some
    Fudge. It
    Is my hope you will return soon
    Or else there’ll be more fudge to burn soon.

    In your honor, I really reached for this one. . .

  2. Wow, you’ve got a steel-will if you can accomplish that! I can’t even quit chocolate, so I won’t even suggest a break from my computer 🙂

    Good luck and enjoy your time away!

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