Doers vs. Lingerers

I believe it’s been pointed out that you can’t have a book that’s too heavily fixated on character development, or one that’s too fixated on plot. You must balance them, like salt & pepper, sweet & sour, children & adults, man & woman, nature & order, etcetera & etcetera.

I’m in the midst of writing my next novel, which would be a nice scapegoat  for my current absence from the blogosphere… 😦 (To be honest, though, an excuse might be out of order…It’s probably better to be writing than blogging, as most of you, I imagine, will agree!…and don’t pretend that you don’t know the difference.) In this novel, I’m realizing that I’m putting a huge emphasis on character development, not so much on plot. And I’m still at the beginning, so there is time for the plot to outgrow the characters so it will be the adventure novel I hope it to be, and not a cozy drama. 🙂

But this reminds me of the two kinds of people in life. The doers, and the lingerers. Is it just me that has experienced this? Or can I get an “Uh-huh?”



Doers keep going, are always moving. Their focus in life is on getting things done, and experiencing events and experiences (I know, it’s redundant, I know…) It may be hard for a doer to enjoy a laid-back event that lasts for hours because of where their focus lies: in getting things done.

Doers might be:

  • More focused on important, “Worthwhile” events rather than intimate, informal parties.
  • Planners rather than spontaneous.
  • More interested in “Networking” than “Close Friendships.”

Lingerer? Photo © Joe Mabel, Wikimedia Commons


While lingerers may seem the more preferable type to be, they can also be less ambitious than doers. They can tend to stay in one spot longer, geographically, and not take life so quickly. Some of your best friends in life may be lingerers, i.e. those who have nothing better to do than to stick around 😉

Lingerers may:

  • Get excited for smaller, closer events with less people.
  • Stay late at parties and events.
  • Enjoy “Just being.”

My novel is definitely a lingerer, as am I. What kind of person/writer are you? Do you enjoy lingering, or are you a get-er-done-er?


11 thoughts on “Doers vs. Lingerers

  1. I’m a doer and a lingerer? 😉

    All those bullet points for lingerer fit me (the doer points don’t), but on the other hand, I’m always working on something, and trying to experience life while I can.

    Also every novel has a different personality, I’m finding.

    • I guess you’re a lingerer-doer type. (Sounds professional, lol) On the relationship side, you’re drawn more towards close connections. But on the hobby side, you’re on the doer side of the fence: You would rather do something big than languish on a verandah…?

      I see maybe an edited version of this post is in order…too complex for such a simple post. 😀

  2. I’m with Tess on this one. By your descriptions, I’m a lingerer, but I do focus on getting things done (or doing things in procrastination of getting another bigger thing done.)

    Once in a while I do relish in being completely lingerly-like.

    • Giving oneself over to lingerness is fun. 🙂 Especially when you have nothing else to do…

      Like I said above, I think I need a follow-up post. A lot of people are probably that mid-ground type.

      Thanks for stopping by! It’s been way too quiet in here lately :p

  3. I’m definitely more of a lingerer…heheh. No doubt about it. And I do treasure the more intimate, character-building moments in my WIP over the action-y plot-moving ones.

    Don’t know, though, if that’s because of my personality or the type of story I’m writing, or both.

  4. I don’t know. I suppose I’m probably a lingerer… but what would life be without experiencing, you know, experiences. I like experiences. I like going places and seeing things and having experiences that I can then channel into what I write.

    Still, even as I crave such experience, from day-to-day, I enjoy taking it easy. I need taking it easy to be punctuated by bursts of new and different and experiences and going places and whatnot… but if that were my day-to-day it’d wear me out pretty quick.

    • We two are brethren. Life is centered, in some ways, around experience. Without those experiences we have small worlds. Your last paragraph strikes it…A life of lingering embellished by events and exciting endeavors.

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