Doers vs. Lingerers II: A Third Type

The last post was about a little salt & pepper phenomenon I called Doers vs. Lingerers — two types of personalities. Well, given some of the responses I received in the comments, I figured I’d do a rehash that hits the subject a little more head-on.

Now obviously life is not one giant boolean, with a 1 or a 0 for every question. It is for this reason that I’ve decided to give a third type to the Lingerer-Doer Complexity. It’s a sort of gray area that will help you…


Well don’t ask me how this will help you, except for maybe boost your ego that you are a special kind of person. 😉

Before I reveal the third type, a reminder on the two personality types.



Doers keep going, are always moving. Their focus in life is on getting things done, and experiencing events and experiences (I know, it’s redundant, I know…) It may be hard for a doer to enjoy a laid-back event that lasts for hours because of where their focus lies: in getting things done.

Doers might be:

  • More focused on important, “Worthwhile” events rather than intimate, informal parties.
  • Planners rather than spontaneous.
  • More interested in networking or acquaintances than close friendships.

Lingerer? Photo © Joe Mabel, Wikimedia Commons


While lingerers may seem the more preferable type to be, they can also be less ambitious than doers. They can tend to stay in one spot longer, geographically, and not take life so quickly (or seriously, for that matter :D). Some of your best friends in life may be lingerers, i.e. those who have nothing better to do than to stick around 😉

Lingerers may:

  • Get excited for smaller, closer events with less people.
  • Stay late at parties and events.
  • Enjoy “Just being.”

Now, of course, there are those inconsistencies in people’s lives, those quirks that make up humans, those “I’m like this except for when I’m like that,” traits. So, there is a third option for those of you who may line up with all the “Lingerer” personality points, but also share some “Doer” points.


Creative? Very.

A Lingerer-Doer is the balanced person. While a Lingerer-Doer could be the kind that enjoys sticking around and sipping lemonade while the whole world rushes on to their graves, the Lingerer-Doer also may have a tendency to go out and live the livable, to experience the experienceable, to do the doable. (Which, in any case, is like saying that a food is eatable, or that a folding table is fold-up-able…or like saying that you went to a visitable restaurant. Seriously? Somebody get me a grammer lessin.)

A Lingerer-Doer may:

  • Be spontaneous, but also plan in advance things he/she wants to do.
  • Experience both ends of life by lounging about on a lazy summer day, (because God gave us the sabbath for a reason) and also by going on international trips or visiting farmers’ markets.
  • Be drawn towards close relationships, but also look for useful networking.
So, hopefully today I’ve touched on all three kinds of the Lingerer-Doer complexity. What are you?
Disclaimer, this is NOT a Chinese zodiac or horoscope. House of Happy is not responsible for any terrible life-choices based on these analytics, nor is it responsible for awkward moments brought on by people stating flippantly, “Oh, I just say things like that cause I’m a Doer type, not a Lingerer type. Perhaps our kinds are not compatible for friendship.” Really?
Have fun. 🙂

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