Sunday In Red Square


And it’s sunny

And uncloudy

Not a cold Siberia during the Cold War

Or not unlike Moscow under the new Republic

>>  St. Basil’s Cathedral an ice cream social

>>  Mint, Chocolate, and Strawberry Swirled

>> Under a sprawling sky

And it’s sunny at night

>>  For what is the moon

>>  But a mirror to the sun?

Summer in Red Square

Happy Sunday, all. 🙂

© jpcabit 2011




2 thoughts on “Sunday In Red Square

  1. I rather like this one J.P. It has a bit of mystery in it that is pleasureable, and pulls you through it. It is exactly the right length, and ends with a question – which involves the reader even more. Good job. The drawing is interesting, too. . .

    I actually wrote a serious one – posted yesterday, but it’s considerably longer than yours!

    • Thanks PTC. I think I’m going to skip over and check your poem out. 🙂

      Thanks. The words say “Москва Летом” Which means “Moscow in summer.”

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