Why I Can’t Wear Sunglasses

Because I already wear glasses, and I’m too cheap to buy either transition lenses or contact lenses.


No, but seriously, I’m serious. I am too cheap. Far too cheap. This pair I’m wearing now is really spiffy, and I think looks great on me, but I didn’t pay more than $18 for the frames + the lenses. (Interested? Leave a comment, I’ll drop you a hint ;))

It’s just so awkward to wear sunglasses over my frames in general! I have a couple pairs of sunglasses in my car for when I’m driving into the sun, but to wear them I have to…

  1. Fit them over my “Real” glasses,
  2. Wedge the temple arms between my head and my other glasses (so they don’t fall off),
  3. Balance them on top of my “Real” glasses (again, so they don’t fall off),
  4. Sit tight.

Sigh. Be happy, all you non-glasses people. You have the option.

I think sunglasses are nifty. Even if they’re just an aesthetic thing…I’d love to have shades balanced on top of my head. I guess I could wear them like that, but that’d look kinda silly, because I’m already wearing glasses.

But now…I ramble.

It is in this post that I possibly cheapen my publication by writing short, non-substantial posts in which there is no clear lesson—except for maybe how to wear sunglasses and eyeglasses, and what happens when you give the answer directly after the question, without anything in between.

Meh. Maybe we’ll have better luck next time, all… 😀


9 thoughts on “Why I Can’t Wear Sunglasses

  1. I bought prescription sunglasses, but my lenses are 2 prescriptions old because insurance covers one set of lenses every two years, so I keep getting new regular glasses. I’m too cheap to pay for a new set of lenses for my sunglasses, even though they are all scratched up.

    Point is, I can relate. (See, I really did have a point here.)

    • Alas, Barb, we do…It is simply a matter of me going out and finding a pair and spending the $… 🙂 (As you may have gathered by now, I am undiscussibly cheap…)

      • last pair I bought was 20euros and it broke after wearing it twice… I went back to the shop and had it replaced for free! 😀 (and they even cut it to fin my glasses for free)

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