A Delicious Diversion

I know I haven’t been active on here lately—forgive me. My new job requirements are very demanding, time-wise, thus I don’t have mountains upon mountains of free time on my hands. There I go excusing myself…

Maybe you don’t like your job, maybe you didn’t get enough sleep, well nobody likes their job, nobody got enough sleep.  Maybe you just had the worst day of your life, but you know, there’s no escape, there’s no excuse, so just suck up and be nice.  ~Ani Difranco

But let’s get to the point.

What’s a delicious diversion? Well it could be anything…More specifically, what’s my delicious diversion, besides potato chips?


Ha ha, no, I’m just kidding. I haven’t adopted a pet book. No, plants are enough for me for now. Besides, I’m planning on having a lot of these books, given their lifetimes. (By lifetime, I mean pages left — so far, I’ve taken up half the book without about a month and a half. Do the math.) So, I’m not planning on naming it. Or at least, not anything as unoriginal and hackneyed as a noun appended with a -y.

(No offense, Planty.)

My book is my delicious distraction.

“So, JP, is this a journal, a scrapbook, a novel diary, a…what is it? Exactly?”

Well, it’s a journal, a scrapbook, a novel notebook, a sketchbook, a…Well…

Dude. It’s a book.

This book has no specific point. Except to record. To record life as I know it, and life as archaeologists may find it someday. Into this book I’ve written my feelings, my thoughts, my hopes, my obsessions and my daydreams. I also staple letters, envelopes, drawings and newspaper clippings into it.

It’s become a catch-all for my thoughts.

Maybe that’s why this blog and I have grown apart.

Maybe I need to see Oprah about this.

Maybe I should just kick myself in the back pockets and get to work.

Maybe I’m overthinking this. …

Have you ever kept a “Time-Suck” journal/scrapbook/diary/catch-all/ramble-haunt/infodump-dumpster?


10 thoughts on “A Delicious Diversion

  1. OK, I don’t mean to totally steal your idea, but its a delicious idea! It sounds like a wonderful memory keeper and it sounds like it would really help me express myself!

    • Go for it Lady Katsa! It is delicious. I’m thinking I might have a “Snack” sometime today. 😉

      As for memory keeping—if it staples, tapes or glues, bring it on!!! I’ve even stapled a letter-in-envelope into it.

    • Ooh, that looks like a nice post–I might read it later when I have some more time… 🙂

      (Unrelated answer: I use a simple nikon point-and-shoot camera. Nothing fancy. why? P.S. The picture on the bottom has been color-adjusted.)

      • Hey, it ain’t goin’ nowhere. 😛

        (Unrelated reply: Ah… I was just curious. Trying to get a feel for the different cameras out there; I might buy another one in the future, heh.)

      • (Totally related reply: Go with a higher model. Even if it costs a little more. I’m not totally satisfied with mine. I’d like something with a little bit quicker of a reaction time, if I could do it again.)

  2. I’m too paranoid to keep a journal/diary – someone besides me could find it and read it. I write story ideas in my “notebooky” but my inner thoughts stay in my head where they will be undisturbed. (Well my mind might be disturbed, which is one reason I’m sure no one wants to go in there.)

    • So you’re one of those scandal-journalers, uh? 😉

      Inner, disturb-ed/ing thoughts are good in the head and all, but sometimes they do get forgotten. It is nice to write things down and remember them years later.

      But whatever floats yer boat into Rotterdam!!!

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