An Announcement To All

(It’s raining outside. This adds a nice melancholic atmosphere…)


You’ve probably noticed that lately the House of Happy hasn’t been active much at all.

Well, the problem is: My new job requirements have me putting in a lot more work than I used to. By the time I’m finished with work, I feel like relaxing. And even though writing a blog post gives me satisfaction…quite honestly, I’d rather be visiting friends/family, watching a movie, or working on one of my written works.

School is starting back up again, so I will have even more work to do.

So, I’m gonna be going on another writing schedule.

Expect a new post once a week. It may get a little boring around here, so my apologies, but the time of my life where I had hours on my hands to blog—and visit other blogs—is done for now. Which brings me around to my second point…

Those whose blogs I usually follow: I know that lately I haven’t been that ardent commenter I used to be. But don’t lose heart—I haven’t “unfriended” you!!! I still like y’all and though I don’t “get around” much anymore, I will try to visit occasionally.

But like I said, for now, my “nuthin’-but-bloggin'” days are over. 😦


Seph 😉


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