I Can Finally Do It!

As I lifted a mug to my lips this morning, I realized something amazing.

No, not that you can do stupid things with coffee, although that is true too.

Let me give you some background. It started a couple weeks ago. I’m in the habit of sipping dark coffee—be it Starbucks or South American—in little demitasse cups. The thing about these cups is that you can down a whole cup in one toss—bitter flavor for three seconds, then it’s done. Well, I used to muddy up my coffee with cream, and some sugar, but there are a couple problems with this:

  1. The cream dilutes the flavor of the coffee and it ends up tasting rather weak.
  2. Sugar + highly acidic coffee flavor = 😡 Pretty fail.
  3. It’s not exactly connoisseur.

Be I proud or not, it’s that last point that’s always gotten me. I want to travel and be able to drink the different European coffees and actually taste them. It’s been one of my life goals to end up drinking black coffee. I used to watch old people take cream in their coffee and think, “How? HOW? After all these years of drinking coffee, HOW can you NOT drink it black?” I made it my subconscious goal to end life drinking black coffee.

WILD RABBIT TRAIL: When I say that I want to end life drinking black coffee, I mean the broad sense of ending life…that last stretch of years when the sun is setting and you’re drawing close to Judgement Day. I DON’T mean I want to end my life by drinking a cup of black coffee so strong it kills me. Sheesh…

Back on topic…

Well, a few of my characters drink their coffee black (Arundel and Alistair). Perhaps it was a subtle means for me to cope with the fact that I myself can’t drink it black.

But, lately, when I sip my coffee, I throw back one, two, three little cups of black coffee.

So maybe it’s just a thing with specialty coffees? Well, I tested this theory today by sipping some local, normal coffee. One sip…okay. Two sips…okay. Wow, really? I drank most of the coffee black before it got all cold and acidic.

What? Really? It didn’t take a hundred years to get used to it?

You mean…


I can do it! I can finally do it!!!

I can drink black coffee!!!!


“That’s your once-a-week blog post? Um, JP…that’s, like, unthinkably random.”

Sigh. Yeah. Yeah, kinda.


15 thoughts on “I Can Finally Do It!

  1. Haha. You’re so silly, JP.

    I don’t drink coffee, but this sounds like quite the accomplishment. 😉 Perhaps the equivalent of me swallowing ginormous horse pills. (I prefer very small ones and will ask for the liquid form of medications if the pills are too large.)

  2. I don’t care to be a purist, I don’t really like the taste of coffee, I drink it as a medicine for my low blood pressure, so I’ll forever put loads of sugar in it! 😉 And I have real espresso over here (so 100% stronger than anything found abroad)… just can’t bring myself to like the taste… 😀

    • Actually, the fact that you don’t care about being a “purist” makes me think that your motives are more pure than mine. 😆 Oh, and don’t get diabetes from all that sugar… 😮

      Maybe I’ll try some Italian espresso someday when I’m in Europe…Sounds like ffuuuun!!!!!

      And who said I liked the taste? :-p

      • That’s why I need the sugar – to kill the taste! 😀 And I don’t have diabetes in the family, so I should be all right! 😉

  3. I’m glad you clarified what you meant by ‘end life drinking black coffee.’ There’s “Death by Chocolate,” so I was concerned that you were creating “Suicide by Coffee.” Glad that’s not the case 🙂

    Good for you for reaching your goal. I’ve tried everything, but I still can’t stand coffee (love the smell, though.) I’ll stick to tea!

  4. Interesting. I just took up coffee like 2 days ago. lol. I don’t put sugar in it, just some creamer. When I get used it, I will probably try to go down to less creamer until I’m at the point where I’m drinking it black. 🙂

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