an update on sephy

hey everyone 🙂

its planty here. i just writing to say, that seph is taking good care of gershwin and i. gershy looked a little wilty about a week ago, seph even thought he might die. he didn’t know what he’d tell you all if that had happened.

but gershwin pulled through, after seph took a little care. also recently, he gave him some green tea and that seemed to help him. he thought about giving some to me but didnt know if i would like it and i didn’t either. gershwin says hi.

seph commissioned me to write this post today. is not quite so busy as he makes himself out to seem, but the fact is, he doesn’t have too much time on his hands lately to himself, so he’d rather be working on his “real” writing than bloggin. i said that its the same thing, but he says that what he writes on the blog can’t get published elsewhere, and if he’s going to be writing, he’d rather be writing something that he can eventually get published and get paid for, i said that it’s worth something to all his bloggy friends, and he said he knows. but still, blogging is like an online diary, whereas he says that his real writing is more “real.” i still dont get it but okay. lol

in other news, he’s moved me & gershwin to the kitchen window sill, and we’ve been hanging out here.

all is well at sephy’s pad. he says hi.



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