Arun Cadmire-Hancock

All right.

Those who know me know my infatuation with house plants. It’s borderline neurosis, y’all. In fact…

Now that you’ve JUDGED me…


If you haven’t been able to tell by now, Arun is a rubber plant. I bought him recently with a gift card someone got me (because they know that I love plants). His name, “Arun Cadmire-Hancock,” is a combination of the Hindi “Arun,” and the European “Cadmire-Hancock.” Hindi why? Because it is native to India. (And obviously the Europeanized surname is because he was purchased here in America.)

I haven’t learned much about his personality yet…I only purchased him yesterday.

Planty & Gershwin seem to like him. Planty asked me if he was a relative, but I said no, cause Planty is a Jade Plant, and Arun is a Rubber Plant. (Sheesh.)

Arun, (Being a Ficus Elasticus) appears to be non-toxic, hence making an ideal floor plant.

This is a good thing, because I’ve had bad a couple bad experiences with plants recently. The first time I tried to buy a pal for Gershwin & Planty, I ended up bringing home a variety of poinsettia—which, the internet informed me, could cause eye damage. Eech. Wouldn’t want that hanging around! So, I … eh… removed it from my room, and decided to save the spot for another plant.

Well, this last time, I went out with my gift card and purchased a Japanese Pieris. Poison? Dunno. So I googled it. Turns out, some of its disarmingly creepy side-effects include paralysis, death, and eye problems…or heart problems…or something tragic like that. So I returned it. I almost bought my rubber plant that day, but I wanted to do my research first.

Results: positive.


7 thoughts on “Arun Cadmire-Hancock

  1. Wow! Congrats on the new addition to your family, JP! =) I should really think about a rubber plant too — no risk of allergies. =)

    And how silly of Planty to think that Arun was a relative. =P Sheesh! Haha!

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