The boys camped out last night!!!

It rained, so I was kind of worried about them. They’re houseplants, and I wasn’t quite sure how they’d react. But they seemed fine with it.

That’s all.

-seph 🙂


9 thoughts on “Campout

    • Gershwin told me last night that he actually was a little frightened, and wanted to come inside but Planty wouldn’t let him.

      I’m still trying to figure out how I should feel about that. hmm… :-O

  1. I wrote a long comment on this post back when it came up – included a super bad poem too. . .what happened? It was too bad to allow? No bad language or lewd references in it, I promise! 😆

    Anyway, love to Planty, Gershwin, and Arun. . .I’ll write something else for them later.

    • can’t remember ever getting it, Paula…Could you repost it?…sorry :(…

      My plants all shout, “HEY PTC THE BAAAD QUEEEN!!!” As if they know you. Hmm…So that’s what they do on my computer when I” away at work all day…

      • Planty just started doing a little Michael Jackson dance after the “Bad” reference. Hmm…I might need to keep a closer eye on these boys…Perhaps block YouTube on my internet…

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