Owl City — Creative? Really?

I’ve been on an Owl City kick lately, and now I am drawing you all into my obsession. 🙂 he he he…

While you may not recognize the band name, you will most likely recognize Adam Young’s hit song, “Fireflies.”

However, unfortunately, Fireflies was pretty much his flagship. Besides this little beauty and a few others, his songs tend to sound pretty much the same. There are a few exceptions, like “Umbrella Beach,” and “Meteor Shower.” But other songs tend to copy each other. For instance, “Alligator Sky,” contains utilizes the Call-Answer verse style used in Fireflies. (“Roller coaster through the atmosphere,” vs. the Fireflies refrain “Leave my door open just a crack,”) But I can attest to this happening to me, too. I write some music, and I must say (and other people say the same thing) that sometimes I feel like I’m writing the same song over and over. 😛 Sometimes we just need some fresh inspiration. Maybe Owl City could use the same thing.

Postal Service Photo Courtesy of CC-BY license http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Commons:REUSE#CC-BY

Besides copying himself, it’s been said that Owl City is a spin-off of the Postal Service. If you haven’t heard any of the Postal Service before, that’s okay…I’ve only heard a little of it. But I can attest that of what I have heard, I’ve found a few similarities and a lot of differences.

So Maybe Owl City stole some things from the Postal service, maybe he didn’t. So what? Maybe he keeps repeating himself, maybe I’m being over-analytical (I can tend to do that). So what? Who doesn’t? It boils down to: What don’t we rip off from other people? Writers, look at your manuscripts and compare them with your favorite authors’. How is it similar? Chances are, you’ve ripped off some stuff from what you’ve read. Does that make you a copycat? Hardly likely.

A photocopier on the other hand, would make you a copycat…Especially if you had pointy ears, whiskers and always landed on your feet…okay that was a cheap joke…

Our characters are the same way. Look into your characters and think about the people you know. You’ll probably see a few cameos. Does that mean we don’t have an original bone in our body? Well, maybe it does. But that doesn’t mean we’re uncreative.

But then…Is anything we make really “Creative?” God created. We just make.

Some thoughts to think over…


4 thoughts on “Owl City — Creative? Really?

  1. Yeah…I’m pretty sure my WIP is a conglomeration of every awesome idea I’ve ever come across from other people…some more disguised than others and some not, heh.

    But what makes something creative (for humans, anyway ;)) is how we use those ideas in new ways and/or approach them from a different perspective, I think.

    • “But what makes something creative…is how we use those ideas in new ways and/or approach them from a different perspective, I think.”

      Dead on, Tiyana!!! I’ve heard agents say that they don’t want to hear old plots over and over, unless they’re approached from a fresh angle or retelling.

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