Random Thoughts

I wonder what stars are

& are they actually as far as we’ve been told?

I get annoyed by loud noises.

Who will be the next childhood celebrity?

Seems that Justin Bieber’s had his time.

Rebecca Black was spooky.

I will admit, her song was catchy.

A question of mine:

Will our culture’s cycles

Of excytement get faster

And faster

Until we’re going through one phase a day? One star a day?

There are those stars again.

Chinese isn’t that hard a language to learn…

The sounds are sort of simple

And grammar seems to be

Next-to-nothing. (Maybe nothing.)

It’s just a matter of remembering the words

And getting down the íntonàtion.

Have you had your Korean food today?

If not, try some Mexican or Greasy Spoon fare.

I’ve had people get angry at me,

And some people are super happy with me.

From this we learn that pain & joy

Go hand in hand, at least for now.

If you could touch a star, would it be hot?

And if you could touch the moon, would it be cold

Like ice,

Or warm like cinnamon and clovey apple pie?


5 thoughts on “Random Thoughts

  1. I’ve heard that the moon is a harsh mistress.

    “See her how she flies – golden sails across the sky,
    Close enough to touch, but careful if you try!
    Though she looks as warm as gold,
    The moon’s a harsh mistress
    The moon can be so cold.”

    No matter how close the stars are, they will always be just beyond our reach. Because if our reach does not exceed our grasp, then what are they for?

    Thus endeth my comment and lesson for today! 😆

    • How deep, PTC. How deep indeed…

      If we could reach out
      And grab a star,
      And pull it down to where you are,
      Mystery would be a void,
      I would change my name to Lloyd.

      Oh. That was baaaad!!! 😉

      • I didn’t write the part in quotes. It is the first verse of a song, and the composer’s name has escaped my mind for now, but I know that judy Collins recorded it, and there are others who did, too.

        The rest of the comment is mine, and it was about as deep as my beauty (figure that one out!). 😆

        You are Lloyd to me from now on!

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