Reach For The Sky!

He told me to do it, & so I did,
My mother always taught me to do what I was bid,
To never take candy from a stranger in a taxi,
And scream for help if anybody has the nerve to whack me.

Never get involved in a conflict between friends,
Don’t interrupt the vortex where time and space bend.
Don’t get a license till I have a car,
And if I reach for the sky, my fingers will burn
On a crazy-hot, white giant star.

And so I did it, here at the bank,
And now I’ve got my mother to thank,
When they slipped me the muzzle of the automatic,
I stuck up my hands like a fearful fanatic,
They went past the ceiling, and into the stars,
And that’s where I got this embarrassing scar.

Any more questions?


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