Plant Count: 6

Well, I guess my house has been deemed the Plant Hospital.

This week I was visiting a relative. As we were having dinner, I looked over and saw one of her plants that wasn’t doing too well. Of course, being the plant-loving person I am, we talked about it, and she proposed that I try my hand at it and see if I could bring it back to life.

Are you kidding?! My plants’ room is practically a forest! I’d LOVE to have it turn into a full-fledged jungle!

So, I took home her plant, but not by itself. She insisted that I take another plant, so I loaded them in my ride, and off we went.

We’ll see how they do over the winter. We’ll see if I actually do have a way with plants, or if my success is just because I tend to buy desert plants that thrive in low-attention environments. But for now, here’s my newest additions to the family, the only feminine plants so far:


Aint she beautiful?

Up close…

And Sofie.

With a hint of pink…

In other plants, the rest of the “Family” is doing fine. I’ve banned Planty from his twitter account, because he’s getting rather fresh about things, and I think it’s time for him to do some introspective. Gershwin’s seemed a little off lately, I think cause he and Planty are on separate areas of the shelf. Arun’s been rather thoughtful lately. I think he’s going to write a book. I’m not sure.

So, all these new additions to the family have turned my “Plant Room” into nothing less than a conservatory. Plant count is now six.

My, how they grow!



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