I Am A Night Owl

Sunday night found me awake until far past my normal bedtime, painting and listening to an expose on C. S. Lewis. This quiet activity was then followed by some light reading (from the book of Job, then a chapter out of War & Peace). After these relaxing events, I forcibly went to sleep, my guess is sometime around one A.M.

One reason for this abnormality in my sleeping pattern (Most of these things were done wide awake—I started to drift off with Tolstoy :)) may have been that I downed a Sencha Shot that afternoon…

But green tea aside, it’s not uncommon for me to stay up until midnight or later when I have a day off the next day. In fact, some of my best writing is done at night when the house is quiet and I can just focus on my work. I come alive when it’s dark outside…I tidy up my pad, or listen to music, or paint, or write, or whatever.

I also become more talkative at night, when normal people just want to go to sleep and stop listening…Which can be frustrating, especially when the complaint arises that I don’t talk enough…

Like left-handers, redheads, and, of course, writers, we Night Owls are just a misunderstood bunch. We may be seen as slothful (Due to our shifted sleeping schedule—We might go to bed at one, but we’ll wake up at eight or nine), weird (You try rooming with a person who creeps around the house while you’re trying to sleep!), or just plain abnormal.

Slothful, no. We just have a shifted pattern. Weird, maybe. Depends on what you do while you’re awake—that varies person to person, and I won’t comment on it. Abnormal? Uh, since when was that a bad thing? If everyone were normal, normal wouldn’t mean anything anymore, and we may as well all be abnormal, in which case that would just bring us all back to normal and the whole pattern would start aaaalllll over again. Sheesh. Really, there are some serious holes in that logic. 😉

The point is, we Night Owls are not freaks—We just operate on a different clock. Try to understand us. Try to appreciate us. Try to let us operate on our own clocks. Sound proof your walls and let us paint in peace.

…Or, one solution would be to ship us all to a time zone five hours ahead.

Are you a night owl? Did you ever know a night owl, and did their shifted habits freak you out?


14 thoughts on “I Am A Night Owl

  1. Not a night owl – more like a night hawk. I’ve been known to be a day owl, though. I think. . .

    Now, as to SILVER, PURPLE, and ORANGE. The following is for your edification:

    I took a pill for Silver Anne Rilveranne (my best friend).
    She tries to pull purple wool over my eyes
    and frequently wears a fur pull-over that I despise.
    It must be fake fur, because it is orange.
    If it’s not fake, I suspect it is very old – which of course
    makes it a foreign geriatric fur pull-over.

    I think I got the html right. . . (If I didn’t, that comment will be really hard to read!)

    Guess what? Planty has a new baby cousin. We have rooted him (firmly, in a rich tradition and soil) and I will take a photo soon, that Planty can put by his potside. :mrgreen:

    • Really?! Wow! I will have to print it out for him. Be sure to send the photo immediately! Planty’s excited to hear it.

      Of extreme coincidence, and of a blog post to be posted at a later date, Planty just recently had a kid, named Plantyson! Or at least…Maybe it’s an amputation, or a brother, or…well, I’m not sure. But I potted him today. Not sure if he’s going to make it…

      • I put him in water first, and he sprouted out one spindly root. That was for like two weeks worth of water-germination. So, I planted him after that method, and he’d doing well. He’s not turning black and withering and rotting, like all the other parts that Planty loses. 🙂

        Yay for Jade Plants!

  2. My brain is a night owl. It suddenly feels like it has sooooo much to do two, three hours after my body is whining for sleep. Gotta check my email, gotta read blogs, gotta write, gotta, gotta, gotta… “Gotta go to bed!” I shout.
    Finally in bed. Brain decides now is a good time to storm. Gotta plan my tomorrow, gotta plot my book’s next chapter, gotta muse over a whole new story idea, gotta– “Shut-up and let me sleep!”
    Brain sulks, giving me sub-par dreams and refusing to buckle down on anything until early afternoon the next day. Why, brain, why…?

  3. I’ve always been an early bird, but the last year or so, I’ve been staying up later and later (writing and blogging, of course.) Unfortunately, I still have to be an early bird for work, so I’m tapering off the night stuff so I can get back on a good sleep schedule.

    My mom is a total night owl. Always has been. In high school, I had friends who stayed out late because they could just sneak in while their parents slept. Not me. I made sure I was home on time because there was no sneaking in. My mom would be up until 2 or 3 AM and she wasn’t waiting up for me! Even now, I’d feel more comfortable calling her at midnight than 9AM.

  4. “…I’ve been staying up later and later (writing and blogging, of course.) Unfortunately, I still have to be an early bird for work…”

    This is how I live!!!

    Do you find that if you don’t do your writing at night, it will never get done at all? If you do, then misery will have the kindred company it desires so much. A Night Owl forced into Early Birdness is a terrible thing.

    I knew someone like that once. The running joke was that they never actually slept, they just pretended to. 😉

  5. I’m currently a night owl and totally don’t want to be one! =) But your post has instilled a newfound respect in me for night owls. =) For some reason, once I hit around 9pm, I feel like I have used up my day’s allotment of creativity and my mind slows down. I bet it’s all psychological. =P

    • Ha ha! Sounds like you’re a daybird with insomnia…Or an ex-pat with an overdose of jetlag. Thanks for the respect. We need it. 😀

      Since I’ve learned about this whole Night-Owl-Ism, I’ve been asking other people if they experience the same thing I do, and I’ve found, surprisingly, that several people also get a burst of energy when they’re about to go to bed, and they decide to do laundry, or reorganize their furniture or whatever.

      Perhaps the more people we meet who are like us, the more secure we feel in our individuality. Perhaps people just don’t want to be truly individual.

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