Have a Safe and Happy Sunday

As you’re on this giant, old, derelict rock,

Slinging through space around a burning world of fire,

And as you hold on for dear life as we spin in excess of 1,000 M.P.H.,

Held on by an invisible, cagey force called gravity—(Which may or may not be just a bending of space…actually, I don’t think anybody really knows what it is, which makes it all the more trustworthy, I guess, cause what you don’t know can’t scare you!)

As you walk exposed under the UV rays of the sun, which incidentally are pumping you full of little holes,

As you throw yourself forward, to the mercy of gravity, putting all your faith on the fact that your foot will react and step forward—which it may, or it may not

As you cross the street, dodging hunks of metal on wheels,

As you eat lunch, hoping that it’s not contaminated by the many toxins that make up our world we call Earth…


As you’re enjoying life…Have a safe and happy Sunday. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Have a Safe and Happy Sunday

  1. As I chill under a roof that may or may not continue to hold… lounging on a bed on a second-story floor that may or may not do the same… at a laptop which may or may not have sold its soul to the Technology Fiend (who would be only too happy to have the machine spontaneously explode in my face)…
    Thanks, I’ll try to do that. *thumbs up/”Muppet” smile*

    • Hey, they’ve tried to pull it off before, I wouldn’t be surprised if they tried again…

      They send their regards (and the girls send their polite attention-getting throat-clears…).

  2. Naturally I like your web-site, even so you need to have to check the spelling on several of your posts. A lot of of them are rife with spelling troubles and I uncover it quite silly to inform you. On the other hand I will surely come once again once again!

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