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Hey everyone!

As you have probably deduced, free time is not my strong suit these days. But, I didn’t want to let my blog sit here and “Languish” all week (Mondays are usually when I have some free time to write).

So, I’m reposting a popular blog post I wrote a while ago…July 12, 2010 to be precise…called Pirates, Atlantis, Islomaniacs, and Mania-In-General.


So this week I’ve started a new story…and it’s got an island in it.

Right now, I’m going to remain rather secretive about it. But let’s just say that it involves airplanes, danger, pirates, slaves, gravestones, rich people, and clues. It’s gonna be fun!

In honor of my obsession, this weeks theme is islands and everything islandy!

An Islomaniac is defined (on Wikipedia, of course, the web-surfer’s #1 source for truth!!!) as someone who is obsessed with islands. It was once speculated that this was because an islomane (or islomaniac) was a direct descendant of the Atlanteans, from Atlantis. Because of the Atlantean’s irrevocable connection to The Island, descendants of Atlanteans have a draw to islands as well. Now, this is just a little weird, but I thought it was interesting.

Are you an Islomaniac? Or some other sort of maniac? Perhaps you’re a Pyromaniac, or a Food-maniac, or a Coffee-maniac?

Mania can be good in controlled doses. It adds personality. For instance, Harriet, a character in my Grand Novel, has a slight mania with desk references. But when mania leads to antisocial behavior, lack of interest in general, or social rejection, then there may be a problem.

…Oh wait, that’s a writer!!! :-D


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