Still Waiting

I asked that it would come today
But the day went by.
The next day I asked that it would be then,
But the next day also passed.
The third day I asked, and the answer came:

“Sir, I hope you are not angry,
But it might please you to know,
That if I’d brought it two days ago,
In your haste you would’ve dashed
Across the street to show your neighbor,
And you would’ve been hit by that 3:14 bus
On its detour through town.” 

Have you ever sent up a prayer, and felt certain that it would be answered today? Did today pass, and you were certain it would be sometime this week?

Well, the week went by, with no event, and it was Sunday again, and you were pretty sure that God likes to make things symetrical, so you figure it must be on this Sunday. Sundays’s sun goes down, and it’s Monday.

You wait for a couple more weeks to pass, and then you think maybe it’s just that God doesn’t want you to be thinking about it. So you try to distract yourself. Then you figure maybe, maybe if you pray for other people to get what you’re asking for, God will be happy and will give you what you want.


A month passes, and then two. You desperately try to figure out what’s wrong…Did you not pray enough—Or maybe you prayed too much! Oh, you hope that you aren’t annoying God…Can he get annoyed? Or is that a human thing? Maybe you shouldn’t pray about it so much…how about once a week? Yes, that sounds reasonable.

You pray some more, trying to figure out what you did wrong to make the wait so long. Were you supposed to pray only at Church, or were you supposed to do it at home? Or do you have to have someone else praying with you?

Then you guess, maybe you just have to wait. Just wait it out, no matter how long.

A year passes.

Two years pass.

After three years, you’re still praying every other day about it, you’re still hoping that maybe it will be today, maybe it will be next week. But it’s a half-hope. Your candle of faith has dwindled down to that wavy flicker just before it goes out.

Will it ever come?

Well, it might. But maybe not this year, and maybe not next year. Maybe not in your lifetime. Maybe not in a thousand years.

But keep waiting.

But keep waiting.

God may be sparing you from death by a 3:14 bus, so to speak.

Photo Credit Kprateek88 via Wikimedia Commons


2 thoughts on “Still Waiting

  1. I am reminded of (well, my life, but also) a bit from a long-ago story of mine — embarrassingly poor, in hindsight, yet an applicable nugget exists therein:

    “What’s taking so long?!” Jason demanded. “We’ve been here forever and a day! What’s keeping that clown??”
    “Jason, shh!” I hissed. “For all you know, this is some sort of test, to see how we deal with having to wait or something.”
    “Well, does it have to be such a LONG test?!”

    Yes, Jason — maybe it does.

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