Hey, hey! It’s Thanksgiving!


Thanksgiving, don’t you know it?

Very well I know it, but it seems we do far too much eating for it to be “Giving,” it should be Thankstaking, you know, “Thanks!” and then you take what you can. You say thank-you when you take, never when you give. You don’t see people giving a gift and saying “Thank you!” for the gift, now do you?

That’s not the point, it’s about giving thanks, not gifts, what?

No, well, I think…Well, I don’t know, and after all it’s about the food mainly, isn’t it? Mostly.

I suppose in some circles, perhaps. But what does it matter; that’s them and we’re us.

Who are “we?”


Who is “Number One?”

Well, enough of that, I’m just wishing you a happy Thanksgiving!

Oh. Well then. Okay. But I’m Canadian…

Uh…Heaureaux Thanksgivinges? Oui?

No! Not that…Who is “Oui?”

Who is Number One?


Well then what’s the deal with your Canadian Thanksgiving? I suppose that’s when the French had dinner with the Indians?

No! No, not all Canadians are French, just like not all Americans are British!!! And anyhow, Thanksgiving was last month…


Don’t laugh, it’s true.

Well, what did you do?

Well, we ate turkey, what else?

Happy Thanksgiving, All!!!

Now if you can excuse me, it’s a “Day off” and I have a lot of writing to do…


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