Finishing #nanowrimo

Hey everyone! I’m back!

Phew! It’s been a long month. Over the past thirty days, I’ve traversed the state of Providence with my friends, Weslie, Fred, Mr. Brookline, Inspector Deschance and all the rest. I’ve found myself in jail with them three times, I’ve gone to an “Insane Asylum” which wasn’t what it pretended to be, I’ve biked probably a hundred miles or so, I rode in a helicopter, I saw the mountains of Western Canada, I’ve gone to France and back…It’s been quite a trip!

At the beginning of the journey, I was sticking to my count, falling behind on the weekends and then using my one full day-off in the week to write my brains out and catch up. Sometimes I fell behind a day. Other times I fell behind two days. Either way, catch-up work was not much fun. Here was my pattern:

Last day of writing = LOL!!!

Yes, that’s right, I finished two days early. The thought of making it so far, and then NOT finishing scared me. What a waste of time, if that was the case! I know, not a waste completely, I would still have a (junky) novel on my hands, I just wouldn’t have finished. Dear readers, do you know what it’s like to not finish something? So, yesterday I wrote my brains out.

I was so wiped, miserable, and vitriolic by the time the day was done. (Forgive me, those who I was snapping at by the end of the day. :))

But, my Nano is done. I’m officially a “Wrimo.” And, I hear, there’s also a prize included (although I’m not sure what…I think I’m supposed to wait for the beginning of December to find out). Hopefully, it will be some novelling software…that sounds fun.

Anyhow, this has gone from a focused post, to my brains spilling out my fingers onto my keyboard. But then again, that’s how I’ve been trained to write the past month. Because, that’s Nanowrimo.

Have you ever tried the Nano? Ever finished it?


4 thoughts on “Finishing #nanowrimo

  1. Congratulations from a 2010 Wrimo!
    *fills your blog w/ celebratory confetti* *vigorously pumps your hand*
    It’s a grand feeling, have 50,000 related words to call your own; good for you, kicking it into high gear at the end. Where do you and your novel plan to go from here? (Is it Disneyworld?!…)

    • Wow, I’ve never had my blog filled with confetti before! Thanks a lot, I’ll have fun cleaning this up… 😉

      From here, I’m going to sit on it for a while, perhaps in a month or so I’ll start revisions. From there, who knows, maybe it will be my “debut.” The point is, I have all the more material to work with now as a writer.

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