Bad Poetry: Flippy Floppy Fish Fail

I struggled for a while this December Night,

As I tried to think with some of my might,

About what upon this blog I’d write.

And after thinking the whole thing over,

I figured that I may as well

Write a poem that’s unfit to tell

In the public sector, or by people named Hector,

Or even to be trashed by a garbage collector.

So, I set down to write a po’m.

And while I think, I think I’m goin

To write a poem about poetry,

Cause it’s meta, and meta is okay

With me.

So think real hard, and think about

A poem whose poet you can fitly call a lout,

Whatever that is.

This poem now fizzes,

And sizzles, and stops

And stops and sizzles, and crackles

And pops,

And finally ends

Right where the fish flops.


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