Only Up From Here

TODAY is the Winter Solstice!!!

From here on out—from now, the shortest day of the year, the days will get longer. We get more of the light, less of the night.

Sigh—Summer was so long ago. And so long away.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, they say. If it doesn’t go away, it can’t come back, they say. Well, okay. I’ll live.

But still…

It will be nice to see the trees alive again. Nice to see the world thaw out, melt. See streams run from muddy embankments, mist linger on pavement, fog cover lush, ironic cemeteries.

It will be nice to see the world come back to life in the Spring.

Come back soon.

J. P. Cabit 

I asked you if you’d be gone long,

You only nodded ambivalently,

And mentioned some words about wandering.

I told you to come back soon,

But you only muttered something

About holding down the fort,

And that you’d miss us.

And I guess last detail

Trivial as some may see it,

Was enough to hold us through.


10 thoughts on “Only Up From Here

  1. Awesome poem, Seph.

    Being in the desert, I live for winter. I don’t want summer to come because it brings 110+degree temperatures with it. Yet it returns every year, ready or not 😉

    • Oh dear, Janna, that’s the other miserable end of the spectrum. I have more varied seasons—here, summer can bring 90 degrees on a bright and sunny day. But winter gets relentlessly boring and gray.

      Wanna trade? 😀

  2. Aw, das war ein sehr sch?ner Beitrag. In Gedanken will ich schriftlich wie folgt zus?tzlich gesetzt – die Zeit nehmen und pr?zise Versuch, einen sehr guten Artikel zu machen … aber was soll ich sagen … Ich procrastinate viel und gar nicht scheinen, um eine Sache getan.

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