I Remember: A Tribute to Summer

Do you remember Summer? Now that we’ve passed the Winter Solstice, we’re over halfway to that glorious point when the sun is shedding its rays on our fair planet.

My Plants remember summer too.

So, Summer, we anxiously await you.

I remember summer, when
The skies were bright and our hearts were too,
When the sun in our hair, and the blue in the sky
The birds flew there, and we left our aggravation
Our irritation and our malcontent
Back in the white snowdrifts of December,
Far behind us, as it were, forever.


8 thoughts on “I Remember: A Tribute to Summer

  1. Oh, your plants look darling! Lovely photos.

    And the words resonated with my inner minstrel; he loves summer and sun and sky. Our favorite lines:
    “…When the sun in our hair, and the blue in the sky
    The birds flew there…”

    The weather’s been pretty clement around here, the last few days. For a Chicagoland January? Crazy gorgeous. But it is not summer — or *was* not summer… for a moment, it was, thanks to you.

      • Lute smiles, eyes Ganting, and minstrel bows.
        “Hello to you, too,
        And many thanks to you
        For memories brought.
        (Not that *I* had forgotten,
        But you never know with this author o’ mine.
        Such as she needs reminders of sweet summertime!)”

    • My Plant Room’s window faces east…they get prime morning realty!

      Snow has been sparse in our parts too. In some ways, it’s nice…in others, it’s kind of disappointing.

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