Baby Sloths—Cute Enough To Temporarily Stun

My word. Did you hear that scream at :22? Breaks my heart.

Proof that God knew the definition of “Cute” before we even knew it was a word.

I  found this little gem by linking off of a Twitter tweet. And, as I sat there watching it, letting my time get sucked into this…this black hole, I thought to myself, “There’s gotta be a blog post in here somewhere.”

“There’s just gotta. Gotta.”

And guess what? There is!

Draw your own lessons from this post!


2 thoughts on “Baby Sloths—Cute Enough To Temporarily Stun

  1. An equation substituting Fb for variable Twtr will tally about the same, methinks. In fact, that may apply to most figures included in the internet set.
    Still, one could waste time in worse ways than cooing over darling baby sloths.

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