Under Siege?

January 12, 1942

Our forces broke through the Nazis’ siege. Supplies are on their way. Had to bar door to cellar—Papa is secretly stockpiling rations. He says as long as it keeps us through the siege, it’s fine. Kirush is taken to pickpocketing. Pray for rain.

On this day, back in 1942, the siege of Leningrad finally had a breach. Before this, it was under siege for a year and a half. One can only imagine what was going on in the minds of the people there—who knows what was happening, with all these people locked in a city with their food supplies cut off? Without being able to leave for a year and a half?

Did insanity kick in after a while, simply from not being able to leave? Did they get lonely, in the middle of a city full of people? What does it feel like to starve, from food and from freedom?

I kept my illustration simple—I’ll let your imagination take it further.

How about your city? Are you blockaded in? See if you can break through the siege.

Well, I hope you enjoyed the thought for the day…Consider and appreciate what you have!

Under siege,
Sails are down.
Our motor’s stopped,
We’ve closed the shutters,
Slammed the gates,
And given up.
Under siege,
Our town.

Then I see your boat,
It’s coming down the Ladoga,
It’s packed with goods,
It’s packed with hope—
We wait on the shore,
With our feet in the cold water,
Waiting, waiting…
(And waiting, and waiting…)

And then you’re here.

And though the siege may last
Another year,
When the heart is free,
City walls
Are nothing but pictures
In an Earthly museum.

I think these thoughts
As I sip tea from a samovar
And listen to Prokofiev
On our radio.


8 thoughts on “Under Siege?

    • There’s so much to be seen in one town alone, especially in a town as big as St. Petersburg, a year and a half is probably not that bad…Physically. Psychologically and sociologically, it’s probably a nightmare.

      Thanks for the visit!

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