Doh! I Lost The Game!

Oh, I just lost it again!

Hi all. Sorry for two things: For 1. Not posting in quite a while. And, 2. For just making you lose the game twice (three times now).

«Sips tea, and sits back, shocked» What? You don’t know about The Game? (I lost again!)

Now, now, now, we can’t have that. For we are all playing The Game, even you. This isn’t the game that people have been trying to figure out for centuries, for æons, which isn’t really a game at all. I’m talking about a far more frivolous game, known as…«gong» The Game.

What’s The Game?

Well, there are only a few rules. It varies from area to area, so I’ll just share with you the rules that I live by.

Rule 1: Everyone is playing The Game. You, along with everyone else, plays The Game every single second of your life, whether you know it or not.

Rule 2: If you think of The Game, you lose. But don’t worry…once you forget about The Game, you’re back in. 😉 So start forgettin’.

Rule 3: If you lose The Game, you must tell someone. That person can be a loved one, a co-worker, a friend, or a travel agent. Some people hold to this religiously, that if you lose, you must tell someone, even if it means sending them a telegram from Siberia. So, after you make someone lose, you’ll probably hear the following words.

“Argh!!! I lost The Game!!!”

In my circles, typically one person will lose The Game, and instead of privately telling someone else of their misfortune, they will blurt out, “Argh!!! I lost The Game!” At which point, a ripple-effect of tragedy will take place, and all through the room, you will hear rounds of sad, frustrated exclamations:


“Awww, I lost The Game!”

“I lost The Game, stop it!!!”


So, the whole world is playing a losing Game. The only way to win is to not play, as it were.

But wait, there’s hope!

There is one loophole. The Game ends when the Prime Minister of the UK declares on Television: “The Game is Up.”

Go figure.

Have you ever played or heard of The Game? Can you talk about it without losing?

(P.S. I just lost the game again!)

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