Buchu Kharat Bakh!

The secret language of the cashiers!

For these second time in a day, I found myself at the same grocery store, with the same employee at the same register. Usually this happens at Wal-Mart if anywhere, but today was somewhere else and I was feeling like having a bit of fun with the cashier.

I tried out this line: “I feel like I live here.”

The cashier laughed, and said, “Buchu kharat bakh!”

I smiled and laughed along, having no idea what on earth she was talking about. Was that English? Sounded more like Arabic, or Babylonian, maybe Cuneiform or ancient Assyrian. Maybe if I recorded it and scrambled the syllables around, it would actually mean something.

But, still, I pretended to understand. Because, sometimes it’s just better if we fake it.

Later it dawned on me that she was saying, “Put your car out back,” in reply to my comment about living there. Ok. Now that makes a little more sense.

I am really not a fan of English. If languages had shapes, I would assign springs to Chinese, solid blocks to Russian, swirls to the Indian languages, and curves to French. When it came to English, I would say it comes in bulky corners and awkward loops.

Which is why, sometimes I agree with those people who think they would sound better in a different language.

In other news, sorry I’ve been so absent lately. I’ll be trying to put up more soon, as my work schedule is changing. But now, work is overwhelming, as well as school, and on top of that I’m trying to finish up a revision on a novel. Hence, blogging is nearer to the bottom of my list…

But it will be a nice day when I can finally come back on here with all of you people. 🙂

Until then, au revoir, auf wiedersehen, adios, and Buchu Kharat Bakh!


9 thoughts on “Buchu Kharat Bakh!

    • You are your best teacher when it comes to learning languages!

      Or, ok…so that might not exactly be true. But you too can become a self-taught linguist with determination! 😀

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