The New York Public Library

The conference ended with my head in a fog. It was good information, it really was—but there was SOOO much of it! My brain felt five times heavier.

Stepping outside onto East 42nd Street, the world around me was equally as overwhelming. In my home town, Main Street is pretty much what it says it is: A street. East 42nd Street? Not so much. It’s more like East 42nd City. As I explored the city a bit, I got the sense that I had lost between my last trip and this one: New York City is BIG. And I don’t mean Boston big, or even Los Angeles big—I mean New York Big, which doesn’t even need a comparison, that’s how big it is.

First stop: The New York Public Library! (This one’s for you, T.S.!)

Got this picture from The Wikipedia…so that would explain the green tree. I mean, we've had a weak winter year but not THAT weak!!!

Okay, so THIS picture was taken on my trip. Hence the dead, scraggly twigs of January. 🙂

Walking into the library, you get the sense that this is not just a library. No, it’s more than that…It’s a book castle. Let me just say, that if there was ever a nuclear war, or tidal wave, or some other disaster, this building would be one of my first choices for safety. Most of it looks to be solid marble, and you walk away with that nagging thought, “Why don’t they build buildings like this anymore?!?!?!”

Inside the library was even more incredible. To keep it simple, the entry way was impressive…

Ascending one of the solid stairways led you into the various reading rooms, of which the long Rose Main Reading Room was the most smallifying (What does smallifying mean? Well, stand in the middle of said reading room and tell me how YOU feel!!!). The ceiling looked like the painted Sistine Chapel, and the room must have been like a quarter of a mile long. And I’m not exaggerating.

Photo by David Iliff. License: CC-BY-SA 3.0

I could only spend about an hour and a half in the Library, then I had to go and join my host. Quite honestly, if it were not for my the fact that I was only in New York for three days, I could’ve spent an entire morning, possibly an entire day inside the library, just looking around.

I would’ve loved to wander around all day and sketch, write, photograph all the little details everywhere. You could tell they put a lot of thought into everything about the library.

So if you ever have a morning to burn in New York City, I highly recommend stopping into the public library. You won’t regret it—Unless of course, you have vertigo and can’t stand looking at awesomely enormous things, or you have an aversion to too much marble. Or maybe you are allergic to books—in which case, avoid the library completely because there are more than 50,000,000 items in the NYPL system.

One of the Library Lions.


13 thoughts on “The New York Public Library

  1. It’s beautiful! Definitely on my list of places to go when this untraveled girl finally sets off… somewhere… anywhere! 🙂 Unfortunately, I’d probably be stuck there forever, only seeing all the wonders of the world on ink and paper.

    • Well, I wouldn’t want to be stuck there forever, but there’s nothing wrong with a bibliophile’s tour of the world! I hope you get to go see it, Esther, it’s pretty epic!

  2. *weeps with the epic-ness of it all*
    Expect a postcard in your mailbox, reading: “Wish I were there!”
    P.S. — I love the composition of your scraggly January twigs photo.

    • 😀 I’m sure you would’ve fainted with epicness, Deshipley.
      P.S.–Thanks! It’s hard to get nicely-composed shots in this day and age, what with annoying modern banners and bright Wal-Mart clothing everywhere. Whoever said there was anything wrong with natural colors and shapes? Ugh! But now…I ramble. 🙂

      • We probably don’t have the money, to be honest. 😀 And so we’re stuck building corporate run-of-the-mill libraries with less character than a play about robots.

        As far as Ghostbusters goes, I never watched it…but after googling, it does appear that those are them.

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