Makes your Head Spin

This is post #3 on my trip to New York City. If you want to be all chronological, you can read post 1 and post 2 first.

As I said yesterday, New York City is BIG. Fortunately, since the whole city is basically a huge grid, it’s not easy to get lost. Well, I mean unless you are me, in which case you’ll wander for a while trying to find Fifth Avenue from 42nd Street. (It was right there the whole time! Should’ve taken a right. I knew I should take a right, why didn’t I take a right?…)

THERE'S Fifth Avenue!

One of the beautiful things about New York City is all the old buildings. Sorry but I really didn’t dig the new ones. They were basically on-end glass shoeboxes. My host said that architects sometimes didn’t have much respect for old beauty and would tear down old buildings to put up a new one. Sure, the glass is shiny, but it really doesn’t compare to some of the older stuff.

Out with the old…

In with the new! EEEWWW!!!

I think it’s a shame how people trade in little details for BIGness. And not just in architecture either.

New York City is so big it will literally make your head spin. Something about the city makes your mind say, “This really shouldn’t make sense. It shouldn’t. Why are you seeing this, JP? Where on Earth are you?! Go back to Smalltown!!!”

But now I am back in Smalltown, where I can see the same faces every day, where the streets actually have names, where my library is easily navigable within a day. Smalltown, where I don’t have to cross my eyes to look up at the buildings, where I don’t have to squint to see the end of the road.

P.S. One of my commentors wondered if I would be posting a picture of my “So-far-anonymous mug.” Well, you all know how apprehensive I am about posting my picture online. But, since someone asked for it, and since I’m becoming more comfortable with the internet, here it is—a picture of my mug from New York City.


7 thoughts on “Makes your Head Spin

  1. Another thing about those big, modern skyscrapers is that they reflect a lot of heat with their mirrored surfaces. I really didn’t like visiting NYC during the summer. :/

  2. Adorable mug, J. Definitely worth flaunting all over the ‘net. X)

    I must agree: Those rows of glass towers look like nothing so much as dominoes waiting to tip. Make mine architecture with character!

    And the sky in that Fifth Avenue shot? Gorgeous! Another composition winner.

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