Makes Your Head Spin 2

This is post 4 about my recent trip to New York City. For the rest of this series, you can read post 1, post 2, and post 3 first.

Yesterday, I told y’all about how the buildings in the Big Apple are BIG, how you have to bend over backwards and do a headstand to look up at them, and how the magnitude of it all was enough to make your head spin…wrapping up the whole thing with a very cute “No place like home” conclusion.

Today, I’m going to share with you another head-messing moment I found in New York City.

Anybody been to the Grand Hyatt recently? If you have, you’ll know what I’m talking about, so don’t spoil it for everyone else and save your comments for the end of the lecture. If you haven’t, let me explain—When you walk into the hotel from East 42nd, you will find yourself staring up at what looks very much like a megalithic artifact from a Sci-Fi film. And it looks like this.

Okay, so do you see it? Pretty creepy, huh? Not what you were expecting, huh? If I may, I have to say, first of all, an enormous marble head staring at you as you walk into a hotel it pretty scary just like it lies. Like was it supposed to be a welcome? 😀 The statue was simply a woman’s head carved forever into a block of stone. Not exactly bearing the mystery of the Mona Lisa, or the agony of The Scream, or the anything of anything. It’s kind of plain and straight-forward.

“Ok, JP, so…what’s so head-spinning about this? I’ve seen hundreds of giant stone heads.”

First off, let me say, if you’ve seen hundreds of these, I’d really like to know where you’re hanging out. Wait, no—on second though, I don’t.

The real head-twisting part is that those pictures you see above, I edited. Yes, I fixed the proportions. In reality, it looked like this.


So, yeah, she’s pretty creepy! I have no idea whose idea it was to stretch her poor head out vertically to 200%. But standing there, in 3D, right there in front of the spooky stone stare, it literally threw my eyes out of whack. My brain was trying to distort the rest of the room into proportion, trying to make this stretched out head work, trying to make some sense of it all.

My poor, poor mind.


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