Black Hole Week is Over

This Sunday he sits
With the Sun in his eyes
And a hand to his face
To block its bright cries
Of morning Good Mornings
—Sunday’s Hello.

Had he known
The Sun had only
Wanted to greet him,
He wouldn’t have beaten
The curtains shut
To block out the gluttonous
White rays of
Bright days
And Sunday’s

This week was my black hole week for blogging, and my apologies to everyone for not showing up—

We, as writers, tend to write from experience. And what would our writing be without experiences? This was vacation week, and I really should’ve told y’all first before disappearing off the grid, sorry—but it was a week to stop writing, and start experiencing. You can only write so much sitting in a chair all the time.

Soooo…That’s my excuse…

Hope the poem made up for its lameness. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Black Hole Week is Over

    • Hi Paula—

      J. P. misses you too! Sorry he couldn’t get back to you personally, he’s been pretty busy lately. He asked me to respond.

      All of us send our regards to Kijani! I’ll write a memo for Seph and leave it on his desk about the tagging. Sounds like fun!

      • Kijani says hello to you Planty, and Gersh, and all the relatives over there at your house! Tell JP to hurry up and start reading my stuff. He doesn’t have to write anything on his site if he’ll just comment on my site!

        Is that selfish? No! Not me!


      • I’ll definitely go beat on Seph to get over to Reflections soon. He’s up to his knees in midterm work right now though, so it may be a couple days. But please keep reminding me! We sunrise cacti are not noted for our memory. 🙂

        When is Kijani going to get a blog? Do you have more pictures of her? We’re eager to see how much she’s grown. 🙂

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