A Message from Us


Hi. This is Gershwin. I’m writing today because we (The Plants) have been keeping up with Seph’s blog, and noticed that right after he wrote “Black Hole Week Is Over,” he promptly took a week off from blogging. We found this quite unacceptable, and wish to remedy it.

Planty thought we could sneak onto his computer while he was sleeping, but he would most certainly take notice of it, as getting on his Word Press the next morning, he’d realize that not only did he have a bunch of hits from all of you who adore us, he would also have a new post on the home page. Which is kind of a giveaway.

Aided by the girls and Arun, I came up with a proposal to present to Seph, who thought it was a good idea and accepted. I now have a Word Press account (Writing from it now!) and I’m in charge of taking care of the blog this week.

So, today I’m writing a post, Ophelia and Gloriette want to write something tomorrow about, I dunno, plant pot fashion maybe? No idea. I think they said something about interior decoration…And Planty would love to do a political piece on Friday but Seph has told him not to be too controversial. Planty said OK but none of us have fallen for his compliance act. (Fortunately they will all be using my account thus they have to get my permission first, so don’t worry about getting offended, lol)

I guess this was my post then! It’s a pleasure and a thrill to be taking care of the House of Happy, and this is going to be a bucket load of fun!

Gershwin McLelund, Planty Van Shuegeld, Ophelia Caddy, Gloriette Emiline Sullivans, Arun Cadmire-Hancock.

P.S. If you have no idea who we are, or what’s going on, read this page.


2 thoughts on “A Message from Us

  1. Cool to hear from you, Gershwin! You plants sound like a cool bunch; I look forward to seeing what all you’ll come up with.
    And if Planty wants to get political, I’m down with that. What’s a little friendly debate or an out-and-out screaming match among pals at the House of Happy? (:
    You all have awesome full names, by the way.

    • Many thanks for your kind words, Deshipley. 🙂 It’s nice to meet you…We’ve read your blog over Seph’s shoulder before. Planty got excited about having a screaming match with you. I’ll be sure to moderate though, and keep him under control. We all know he can get carried away!

      He he, thank you 🙂

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