Think Before You Cut Down A Tree

© Yesuitis via Wikimedia Commons. Thanks!

Hello all.

This is Ophelia Caddy, writing with Gloriette Emiline Sullivans. We discussed what we wanted to write today, and have come upon a topic which we think will be of interest to everybody. Mostly houseplants too.

We asked Mr. Joseph Cabit what he thought about our topic ideas, about interior design particularly, and he had a more fabulous idea than that. Why not write about Plant Kind and the things that are happening with that these days?

He related to us a story of how he hiked a mountain once, and when he got to the top, well there was a beautiful vista, yes, but also a mass of carnage. It pains to write this, and I know this is a kid-friendly blog but Mr. Joseph Cabit says that if we write, we have to write to where it hurts. There were cut-down trees all over the top of the mountain, and on top of that, they had erected a hideous radio tower. Now, if that’s not terrible, what is? Can you answer that? Quite simply, no. You can’t. We can’t either.

We hope that people will be more sensible about where they cut down trees, more specifically. If people thought about things before they did them, things would improve. Consider adopting a plant to take care of in your personal home, or planting a garden, or tying a yellow ribbon around an old oak tree. If more people thought like this and worked with plants instead of around and on top of them, less people would be devestating trees to put up moronic skeletons of metal. Metal should stay in the ground and plants on top of that.

That’s all.

Have a lovely evening! Wishing you the best of everything.
Ophelia Caddy, Gloriette Emiline Sullivans

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