Too Busy

The other day, among friends, I mentioned that I wasn’t giving my characters much time lately.

To which someone standing nearby said, “Yeah, because you’ve been busy spending time with all your real friends!”

And it’s true…This isolated writer’s life got real social all of a sudden this year.

Writing is important. But Living is more important than blogging about pirates and how much I hate the English language. 🙂

So, sorry for my absence…speaking of which…

The plants & I have finally escaped our bunker. (I REALLY suggest you follow that link if you want to have any idea what’s going on here!) We made the descent down the mountain (you’d be surprised by how fast plants can run!) quickly, amidst bright-yellow tranquilizer darts and feathered arrows, and when we got to the bottom, we found our escape jeep waiting for us. Phew! The radio message got through to the Riley Squad! So excited. We hopped in the jeep, and sped off down the dirt road.

We drove for a good hour over potholes and ruts, while I was trying to identify the trees and terrain for some bearing on what country we were in. Couldn’t get a reading…some of the trees I’d never seen before. They were twisted, greenish and hearty, and had huge, fuzzy, bright pink pods hanging off of them, and sometimes the pods would explode. Our jeep got a little singed (we ran over a couple).

Gershwin, our resident linguist, tried a few languages with them, but even he couldn’t understand what they were saying.

With Gloriette and Ophelia manning the machine guns out the back of the car and fending off the Blue Foots, we played through the obstacle-course of land-mines that the Space-Cowboys and Pirates had left for us. They must have known we were coming this way…

Finally, we reached it. The Riley Squad’s headquarters: low, cement barracks surmounted by a single watchtower with a crown of cannons. We were welcomed by Captain Gmnchisu Åårdesçk’kaadisidy, who told us the country name and what languages they spoke. After staying with them a while helping strategize against the enemy, they escorted us out of the country, on our word that we wouldn’t tell anyone the name of the country.

So, that’s the end of my epic excuse…my plants and I are back home and safe, enjoying some sunlight, and coming up with our next dog-ate-my-homework alibi. 🙂



7 thoughts on “Too Busy

    • “Real” meaning this particular reality, and not the novel one. 🙂

      Oh, and I did pick up a little Pink Pod. Sgvvhaagadadmj erkbgrkbrgiksiksikisis! (That means gesundheit—a very common word among the pink pod trees when someone’s pod explodes.)

  1. Nice excuse, but I don’t think an excuse is really needed.

    I think it’s all about balance. On either side of balance (i.e., too much or too little writing time), I venture into “cranky” territory. No one likes that 🙂

    Glad your imagination is safe at home!

    • Oh, the imagination is doing quite well, trust me.

      Thanks for stopping in! It’s been really quiet around here lately, for obvious reasons. Nice to hear from the outside world. 🙂

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