Living It Barefoot

Yes! I finally have some time to blog. It’s nice to be back. 🙂

Let me just say: Hiking. Is. Awesome.

Even awesomer when you do it barefoot!

I climbed an entire mountain yesterday without my shoes. It was rough. It hurt. But only a little bit. For the most part, it was very natural, very pleasant, and my feet are still happy.

Hey, the trees up here are barefoot too!

Did you know there’s a whole entire barefoot movement? Yes, these are people who do pretty much everything barefoot.

This summer, I made a sort of pledge to myself (half-pledge really…which I guess isn’t a pledge. Maybe more of a resolution. Well, a good intention at the least.) to go barefoot as much as possible. Everywhere. One place I sort of refuse to go barefoot so far is cities, where broken glass and other human-made hazards are prevalent.

We were born without shoes. So I figure, we must not need them!

Ever thought about living barefoot? Or does society hold you down? 😦


13 thoughts on “Living It Barefoot

  1. I try to be barefoot as much as possible. It’s just getting to be spring here in the high country of Colorado. The snow is pretty much gone, but there’s still a lot of gravel and stuff on the sidewalks. I find it hard to walk on that stuff and the grass hasn’t quite grown yet.

    • Yeah, crushed gravel is not nearly as fun to walk on as grass & soft soil. 🙂

      Good to meet another barefooter! Welcome to the House of Happy, & I’ll be seeing you around!


      • I plan on some barefoot hikes….as soon as the snow decides to melt off the trails. LOL! Went hiking last weekend and it was 99% snow the whole way. I posted some pics on my blog. I truly feel lucky to live here.

      • Oh, crummy! This was such a weird winter, the snow was so sparse, but it was still too cold to really do anything spring wise, but there wasn’t enough snow to do much winter wise…

        I hear Colorado is beautiful.

  2. Hi, I’m not even think about living barefoot, I’m usualy barefoot for c. 20 years now. I never regret the dicision to become a full time barefooter. It’s great, even in Germany. Although the weather isn’t always fine and many people despise bare feet in public, I’m barefoot always and everywhere. My feet are healthy and though, no problem to walk barefoot on rough surfaces like gravel. Surely some people think that I’m crazy because I’m always barefoot in public, but the barefoot livestyle is so wounderful that I’m not interested in their prejudices. I would like to encourage you to go barefoot also continuously.
    Greetings from Peter

    • Hi Peter! Great to hear from you. 🙂 Thanks for the barefoot encouragement. I checked out your website: Your feet seem very happy. This is definitely a lifestyle change I’m looking forward to enjoying. 😀

      • Thanks, yes, my feet are happy to be free all year round and well prepared to walk with pleasure on every pavement. Peter

  3. I rarely go barefoot even in my own home, but I don’t blame society — I blame the fact that I’m probably going to end up like What’s-his-name, the rich guy who lived out the last of his days in an uber-sterile plastic house well away from anything that even looked like a cousin of a germ, or something. (What was that guy’s name, anyway? I want to say Hugh Somebody, but I’m seriously drawing a blank.)
    Bugs and dirt and weird pieces of lint and places on the floor that the dog’s been licking…it makes my soul scream to think of these things touching my skin. (Well, okay, I don’t much mind touching dirt with my hands, so long as there’s soap and water right around the corner.) I don’t know why. I’m not halfway logical or even consistent about it. Chalk it up to the hand I was dealt in the Looney Artist game.

    • That’s too bad, Deshipley—you’re missing out! Do you mean Howard Hughes? He also spent his final hours watching movies in a hotel room. More denial of the world around him. I think he was depressed, what do you think?

      • THAT’s the name! Well, I can’t imagine that he was particularly happy, not living like that (if “living” it can be called). Perhaps he lacked a creative outlet. Poor chap, he might have liked NaNoWriMo.

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