What is the Price of Barefoot?

A picture of me at the beginning of my Monday hike would show me in a bright green Aéropostale shirt, cheap brown plaid shorts, my bad (bad…bad as in good) bare feet, and a nothing-can-take-this-one-down! sort of expression. Well, by the end of the hike, that picture would be pretty much the same, except for two things…I’d have a pair of sunglasses perched atop my overgrown head (Maybe I need a haircut…but maybe not?), and I’d have sandals on.

First, the sunglasses.

Okay, okay, okay, so I found this really cool pair of sunglasses just off the trail that I found when I stepped outta the hot sun to—

(Together!) SLOW DOWN, JP!!!

Sheesh, y’all can’t untwist my run-on sentence? Well were you expecting, what do you think I am, a writer?

Okay. So, it was like the hottest day of the week, and I stepped off the trail to find some shade. Looking down, I saw among the short, withering vegetation, a pair of totally 90’s wraparound sunglasses hiding in the grass. Normally, I’m not even a sunglasses person, for design and functional reasons.

Fooey on that.

These glasses were EXTRA special! So, I sacked my regular glasses, just for the sheer pleasure of looking like one of the cool kids from Wishbone.

Ok, so now the shades story is out of the way…

Sigh. Truth be told, my bad bare feet weren’t that “bad,” and…Okay, I stepped on a rusty nail and spent the night in the ER getting a tetanus shot.

That’s the short story.

The long story is, while waiting æons for the doctor to show up and bawl me out about walking barefoot, (I tried to avoid it, I tried to explain that there’s a barefoot movement…Yes, I was on a mountain without shoes…No, you’re right, I’m not a Native American, sir…yes, those other scars are from running through thorns last Saturday…) I utilized the ample time that they gave me (and a nice pen) to daydream…all over that paper that they put on the ER bed.

Rusty nail: 1. Cabit: 1. Hospital boredom: 0.


18 thoughts on “What is the Price of Barefoot?

  1. Maybe barefoot is better for running around the house instead of climbing mountains… just saying…

    Also, there are ‘barefoot’ shoes for running, which provide a little protection, but no arch support (the point of the barefoot running is to strengthen the muscles in your feet and legs so you don’t need support). Maybe that would work for you?

    • Yeah, when my Dad visits sometimes he brings his barefoot shoes. I think they’re nasty as anything—I go for more natural approach…I think the point was that my feet weren’t built up enough yet, that and kicking a rusty nail is kind of a freak accident. The trail was kind of ill-maintained though.

      Anyhow, I learned my lesson. 🙂

  2. Well, we went on a rainforest tour in Maui and the guide says he normally does the hike barefoot on his days off because ‘tender feet are a liability in Hawaii’. Ouch. Did not know that. (On the hike, he wore the Vibram 5-finger shoes. Why they call these ‘5-finger’ shoes, I don’t know…drives me nuts because toes go in them – not fingers!)

    Anyway, glad your ER trip sparked some fun creativity, but perhaps you should wear footwear in the future? (or not, since a tetanus shot lasts for five years or so!)

    • What a guy! I doff my cap to him. I think tender feet are a liability anywhere. (But then again, maybe that’s why Hawaiians walk through beds of coals?

      It actually worked out great, I guess the ER was the only place I could’ve gotten just the tetanus shot without the other vaccinations. And I don’t like vaccinations, so this all worked together for my good! 🙂

  3. My barefoot brother!!!! If it weren’t for the dang brace I have to wear on my left foot/ankle now, I would still be barefoot at every opportunity. And truth be told, I will frequently take my life in my hands and walk around without the brace while at home, just so I can enjoy being barefoot. Quite frankly, I would rather walk around barefoot on gravel and ice than find shoes that fit me and are comfortable – something that is almost impossible for me to do retail. My podiatrist has to order special shoes for me (that my brace can fit into). At least he occasionally comes up with a pair that doesn’t look like it should come equipped with back-up lights and a warning beeper with a sign that says “Wide Load.”

    Now – I’ve missed reading and/or hearing from you lately. But then again, I’ve been a terrible commenter lately. Far too much on my plate. I’m making an effort these days to stop by my favorites at least once a week and leave long rambling comments like this one, just to annoy the bloggers. . .

    BTW, I’ve recently ventured into BAD poetry again. Mainly because I’ve been unable to write any good poetry. Check out today’s post and yesterday’s. Here are the two links:


    Hope to see you ’round the blogosphere. . .

    Kijani says “Hi!” to the whole gang.

    • Hi Paula! Nice to see you around these parts. 🙂

      I appreciate your rambling comment. Far from annoyed, I am quite flattered that you would think of me as one of your favorites and to visit my blog even though you’re busy. Hope you have some more time on your hands to do the things you like soon!

      I’ve been reading some of your bad poetry, I must say
      Your skills in rhyming are better than most people, today
      I am challenging you to a contest of lines that are so long
      If you were to put them to music you’d end up with a fifteen-beat song!!!

      The plants echo back a green “Hello.”

  4. Tell me, exactly, for this challenge – how long do you want the lines to be?
    Because I will try to answer the challenge with long, long lines extemporaneously
    If I make them too short, does that put me out of the game, pray tell?
    I do not wish to eliminate myself from competition, winning is my aim, also to play well!

    • Extra points for you if you manage to make the lines all rhyme,
      Texts that run by twos will advantage you this particular time.
      Birds of a feather flock together, even if it’s a painy—
      Parallel words together, rock the weather even if it’s rainy!

      (by the way, how’s the weather down there?
      It’s miserable where I am, and it’s ruining my hair!)

      • And I don’t understand a bit of it!
        Which means, of course, I have to quit,
        Or perhaps it means your poetry is so bad
        You made it obscure, so I could be had.

        In which case, you win!

        Weather very warm – unseasonable – also very! In the 80’s all week. We’ve had rain and T’storms past few days. Clear now, and partly cloudy, but quite beautiful. Odd weather – too warm for the mountains this time of year, but I don’t have any choice but to enjoy it!

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