While I’ve Been Away

Thought about posting excuses for not blogging. Been there, done that. Doesn’t feel great.

So, instead, I’m just going to update everyone on what I’ve been up to while I’ve been away.

For a while I was hung up on finals, working early in the mornings, going to night school, and in between trying to keep up sanity by taking a nap, hanging out with a friend, or avoiding writing by telling myself that I’m just taking a break (I’ve been having some bad writer’s block…). Oh yeah, and kinda studying too. 🙂

The weather for my commencement ceremony was gorgeous, everything went very well, and was very short, thankfully, so you won’t find complaints here. 🙂

As a graduation present, someone (who knows me very well!) bought me a Theremin. So I’ve been doing a lot of that lately. too. It’s spazz-out awesome.

Hey JP, what does a Theremin sound like?

(Randy George is an AWESOME Thereminist, I must say.)

It was a hard winter for my houseplants. Unfortunately, neither Sophie nor Gloriette made it through the dark months. 😦 But, the rest of us are pretty healthy and happy, looking forward to a wonderful summer.

Despite what the Dr. told me about how I should wear shoes, I’m still barefooting. So far, no more accidents. But no promises. 😉

Sorry for being so aloof the past month. Cheers to all!



7 thoughts on “While I’ve Been Away

  1. AUGH! Sophie and Gloriette! D,:
    I never thought I’d find myself mourning someone else’s houseplants, but, well, here I am. My condolences, J.P., Planty, Arun, and anyone else I’m forgetting.

    Ah, “Claire de Lune”… I used to be able to play that on piano; it was one of my favorites. (The stress of it being a recital piece was offset by its serene beauty.)
    Having watched the video before hitting the link that would tell me exactly what the instrument is, I must say, a Theremin looks a lot like magic! And what a voice it has. I’m hitting the link after this.

    Congrats on your commencement, sir! And I hope you catch a break with that writer’s block soon. (:

    • Okay, just read the Wikipedia description, and, wo-o-ow, that is just too, blinking, cool! My minstrels totally want to master the Theremin now. (For Allyn, it may take a few days. Knowing Lute, he’ll have it down by morning. I know no normal people.)

    • Thanks for your heartfelt condolences, Deshipley. It’s appreciated over here.

      Yeah, it’s freaked out one or two people so far. If you don’t know what’s going on, it does look magical, especially since it sounds like an opera-singing human 😀

      I hope your minstrels get the theremin down! It will provide you hours of writing inspiration. (Especially if you’re writing a para-sci-fi novel…)

  2. Oh no! RIP, Sophie & Gloriette. 😦

    A theremin…I’ve never heard of one of those before. It almost reminds me of the erhu, the way it sounds… Wicked cool; looks like straight-up magic to me. 😉

    Oh yeah, and congrats on graduating!

    • Yes, they will always live on in the hearts of my plants, and in my photo library.

      So THAT’S what that instrument is called. I like how it’s made of snake skin. Very dragonic. Very China. 🙂


  3. Congrats on graduating! =) You know, for me, the whole wedding thing was the perfect excuse for not blogging and now that I’ve lost the regularity I had before, I don’t know if I’ll ever get back on track. Glad to know someone’s in the same boat (at least for now =P). Don’t you go being all responsible and productive on me now. =P

    ALSO, I am SUPER excited that you reminded me about theremins! I saw one for the first time when I took my family to the Electricity Museum in Lima last month, but it didn’t work! =P Loved finally hearing it. =)

    • 😉 Glad my laziness can be an inspiration. Never thought I’d see myself writing those words. 🙂

      Okay, I have to say an electricity museum sounds amazing and fascinating! But it’s such a shame that the theremin didn’t work, you’d have had a lot of fun playing it. 😦

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