A Handful of Time

Hey everyone! I’m back from my lengthy trip. More on that later.

So what have I been doing with all my “Free time?” Well, one thing has taken up a lot of it—reading. My “Man-purse” is constantly full of books…I’d call it a book bag but then I end up feeling like Dorothy Ann.

The most recent book I finished was a YA novel called A Handful of Time, written nicely by Kit Pearson. The story follow the summer of 12-year-old Patrician Potter, whose parents—going through a separation—send her to live with her cousins on the lake.

At first, her cousins despise her, and in turn she shies away as much as possible. During one of her days in isolation, she stumbles upon a pocket watch that allows her to travel back in time, thirty-five years in the past to her mother’s childhood. Living between the childhood world of her mother, Ruth, and the present day, Patricia sees through the masks that some of her relatives are wearing—who they were versus who they are now. Strangely, there isn’t much of a difference, and Patricia realizes that even with time travel, you have to face your problems.

Written in a compelling and intimate voice, this book will keep you captive—under a tree for an hour and a half straight to finish it, if you’re anything like me. 😉

There are no fireworks, if you’re looking for a fantastic sci-fi novel. In fact, there are almost no “special effects” at all (it’s a pretty normal book, and apart from the quiet time travel everything that happens could happen to just about anybody in real life). So if you want dazzle, this is not the place to look. If you want a thoughtful, summer-at-the-lake read, this is it.

What’ve you been reading lately?


4 thoughts on “A Handful of Time

  1. “Magic School Bus” reference!!! *heart dances with untold delight*
    Quiet time travel, mm? There’s something to be said for that. Not all fantasy has to be over-the-top fantastic, it’s worthwhile to remember; sometimes the magical element is but a drop in the greater sea of the story, and it’s okay to let it be.

    • PROVE IT! I knew I should’ve stayed home today. Oh bad oh bad oh bad oh bad oh bad! Come on you weasley wimps!

      Yeah I was in my glory in the 90’s. 😉

      • “Is it just me, or…?”
        “Take chances! Make mistakes! Get messy!”
        “[Insert lousy joke here]” “Carlos!…”

        *claps hand to heart* Long live dem golden ’90s.

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