Dear Unwriter – An Open Letter

ImageDear Unwriter—

Let’s start this letter by cordially establishing that I’m a writer. As such, I take stories that have been told for thousands of years and plagiarize them into a “newish” form, then brand them with my name.

Now that that’s been established, let’s also establish that I only plagiarize stories that’ve already been written.

To the unwriter, I kindly ask that when you have a great idea for a story, tell me about it, but please for love’s sake, go write it yourself. Trust me, you can write a story that came from your mind far better than I could. I’m not a mind reader—I’m a book writer.

That being said, I’m also very happy for you that you have a great idea for a story—And I look forward to hearing about your success. But remember, we writers can barely find time to write our own stories. And there’s nobody better to write your story than you. Don’t sell out cheap. Take the plunge and enjoy the ride.


JP Cabit

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