I Probably Think This Song Is About Me

It’s been a long time since I got an award. This time it’s from Deshipley from Ever On Word. Thank you Danielle for your generosity (and endless imagination, obviously) in selecting me!

The rules…To tell seven things about myself. Because I’m so vain, this award appeals to me especially. 😉 But, for sake of piety, I will not talk about myself persay—or at least not for the first four points—but of my early works. These dreams were clouds in my coffee (clouds in my coffee…), but they gave birth to my later successes.

1. A Social Experiment

This was perhaps my first success in writing. At an outrageous eight thousand words, I was sooooo proud of finally finishing a novel. (I’ve always been more of a starter than a finisher. Who isn’t?) Here’s a favorite set of lines:

“Should we trust that parrot?” asked a tall gangly police officer.

“No more than we should trust that girl,” said a fat one who looked like he always had one too many doughnuts for breakfast. “Let’s arrest the whole lot of them and then we can’t go wrong.”

Corrupt government systems. Who ever heard of arresting a whole slew of innocent people to get one uncertain villain?

2. The Last of the Wooly Mammoths

Some of you may have heard of this one. This was set in a earth-like world beset with an ice age. The plot was a little thin, but I had fun writing it. The main character’s name was Lonato Lazar. (I’ve always had an odd-name fetish…)

3. Guild Free

A story exploring a form of racism brought on by a country separated into “Guilds,” or clans. An opening poem:

Of each an’ evr’y little guild

Ye stay in all yer time here

From the time y’are a child

For every one in the shinin’ green land

Na’r mingle wit’ the other

Stay keepin to yer own

‘At’s the way to stay healthy

And hearty, aye, tis the law!

4. Land of Blue: A Sphere of Deadly Secrets

To wax poetic, here was a gem, a sapphire in a pile of crumbling dreams. This was the first breathings of the baby that came to be known as Because of the Blue Bloods, which I tried to publish recently. Fraught with weak story line, shallow characters, and a couple plot holes, this was indeed an immature creature. But, without this, my Grand Novel would not exist. A line embodying the blind patriotism the story is about…

“Actually Eden…If you want the job, you have to stay here for a while to go through proper procedures. If you leave, it will automatically be turned over to the other party.”

“Oh. Mim?” He turned his watch back on. “I can’t come home.” He explained why.

His mom thought. “Hmmm…well, I suppose it’s for the country. …”


5. I was Homeschooled


6. I Read Dear Abby Frequently

Sorry, but I’d rather read about someone’s five-year-old’s teacher’s restraining order than what kind of wallpaper to use for a “southern era kitchen.” I guess I’m just geared toward conflict.

7. I tried to read 1984…

But minitrue banned the book.

As for the seven deserving authors, well…I keep running through the same ones. So, if you think you deserve the award, try to convince me why. I’ll try to be stingy and make you feel like you earned it. 🙂


3 thoughts on “I Probably Think This Song Is About Me

      • Nope, I wasn’t ever homeschooled. I attended and experienced all kinds of schooling except for the one that happens in your own four walls. But I’ve witnessed the awesomeness of homeschooling with one of my friend’s kids. It’s super neat. Looking forward to reading your stuff, Sir Dr. Cabit.

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